Сборник диктантов по английскому языку 6-7 класс

Look at the picture. This is Aiman. Aiman is a Kazakh
girl.She is a schoolgirl. She is a good pupil. Aiman is young,
she is eleven. She is not tall. Her hair is dark and long. Aiman
has big brown eyes. Aiman has a brown skirt and a white
blouse on. She has no hat on. She has brown shoes on her feet.
Aiman is a nice girl.
Misha Zarubin
In this picture you can see a schoolboy. His name is Misha
Zatubin. Misha is twelve. He is in the fifth form.
Misha is tall. His hair is fair and short. Misha has blue
eyes.Misha has dark trousers on. His socks are grey and his
boots are black. His shirt is white. He has a red scarf on. He
has no coat and cap on. He has an English textbook in his
My little sister
My name is Darkhan. I have a sister. Her name is Aigul.
Aigul is a little girl. She is six. She is not as schoolgirl, she is
young. Aigul has a round face. Her hair is fair. Her eyes are
grey. She has a short nose and thick red lips. She has small
hands and feet. She has a short yellow dress on. She has
shoes and white socks on her feet.
My Family
This is me. My name is Nurbek. I am six. I’m not a pupil. I can
draw, but I can’t read or write.
This is my sister. My sister’sname is Rita. She is nine. She is a
schoolgirl. She can read and write. But she isn’t a very good
I have a brother. My brother’s name is Daulet. He is twenty
and he is a student. Daulet is a good brother.
This is a picture of my father. I am his son. Rita is his
daughter. My father’s name is Nurlan. He is a worker. My
father is forty-six.
This is my mother. My mother is an engineer. She is forty-
five. My mother and my father are my parents. My brother, my
sister and I are their children.
In this picture you can see my father’s sister. Her name is
Raushan, she is my aunt. Aunt Raushan and Uncle Dauren are
not here. They are in Astana.
These my grandfather and grandmother. They are my mother’s
parents. They are pensioners. My grandfather and grandmother
are very nice.
This is our family. It is not very large. I have a father, a
mother, a brother, a sister, a grandmother, and a grandfather.
Our House
We have a nice house. This is a picture of our house. You can
see it is not very big . There are four rooms in our house: the
living-room, the dining-room and two bedrooms, and a
kitchen. The door of the house is shut. You can see three large
windows of the living-room. The windows are open. You
cannot see the kitchen windows. The kitchen is behind the
living-room. In front of the house we have a small garden with
flowers in it. There is a garden behind the house too. You can
see flowers and trees in the garden.
My Day Part I
I get up at seven o’clock. I open the window and make my
bed. I do my morning exercises in front of the open window .
Then I wash my hands and face. I go back to my bedroom and
put on my shirt. I take my red scarf out of the wardrobe. The
wardrobe is in the corner of the bedroom.Then I go to the
kitchen and have my breakfast. I usually have bread and butter
and a glass of milk. I like milk very much.
After breakfast I put my books and exercise-books into my
school-bag. Then I say good-bye to my mother and go to
school. In the street I see my friends, they go to school too.
My Day Part II
At school we have English lessons on Tuesdays,
Wednesdays,Fridays, and Saturdays. We speak English at
these lessons. We read short texts and write exercises in our
exercise-books. We have lessons up to two o’clock.When
lessons are over, I come back home. At home I have my
dinner, wash the plates in the kitchen, and then go out into the
garden and play. At half past four I sit down at my desk and do
my homework. In the evening I play with my friends in the
yard or read Russian books. On Sundays I do not go to school.
I go to the park or play.
It is half past seven. Zina, her mother and her sisters are in
their living –room. Zina’s mother is a very nice woman. She is
thirty-six. She is not very tall. She has fair hair and grey eyes,
her face is round. Zina’s father is a worker. He is not at home.
He is at the factory. Zina, her mother and her sisters are having
their breakfast. They are sitting at the table. There are plates,
forks and spoons on the table. Zina is putting butter on a piece
of bread. Her little sister has a cup of tea in her hand.
Dima is a village boy. He lives in a village near Smolensk. His
village is not very large. The streets of the village are green.
Dima’s family has a house. There are three rooms and a
kitchen in the house. They have a kitchen garden.
Dima is a schoolboy. He is in the fifth form. He is eleven.
Dima’s parents are farmers. Dima’s parents work on a farm.
They have a cow, a pig and two sheep. Dima helps his mother
and his father. He likes his village very much.
Our City
We live in Zhezkazgan. Our city is not very large,but it is
nice.There are buses and cars in the streets. We live at 36,
Gagaryn Street. Our street is long and there are many trees in
it.In spring and in summer the trees are green.
There is a garden in front of our house. In the garden there are
trees, and red,blue and yellow flowers. I like the garden. In the
evening I go to the garden, sit on a bench and read a book.In
the afternoon after lessons I play with my friends in our yard.
Our yard is very large. My friends live in Gagaryn Street too,
but they do not live in our house. Our house is number 36, my
friends live at Number 10
Dima’s Village
Dima lives in a village near Voronezh. His village is large,
there are many streets in the village. In the streets you can see
cars and buses.
There is a collective farm in the village. The collective farm
has many cows, pigs, and sheep. The farmers go to work in
the fields or on the farms by car or by bus.
The farmers live in new houses. Near the houses you can see
gardens. There are many flowers in the gardens. They are red,
Everything is good in it’s season
There are four seasons in the year. Each of them brings
different weather and different dresses. When it is hot people
wear T-shirts and shorts, light blouses and skirts, sport shoes ,
and sandals. In summer people dress like this in Africa,
Russia, Canada, Ireland, Great Britain and America. In cold
weather people usually put on warm clothes: jeans and
trousers, sweaters and jackets, overcoats and caps. In winter
they wear fur coats and fur caps, high boots and mittens or
gloves. The proverb says:n`` There is no bad weather, there are
bad clothes``. Another proverb says: `` Everything is good in
its season``
My School
The school where I studied is situated not far from my house.
It's a modem four-storeyed building of a typical design. In
front of the school there is a big sportsground, behind it there
is a small garden with beautiful flower beds. Here on the
sportsground pupils have their classes in physical training
when the weather is fine.When you enter the school you'll see
a large gymnasium, work-shops and a canteen on the left. On
the right there is a Headmaster's office. The cloak-room is
downstairs. The classrooms, the laboratories.the doctor's
office, the library, the Teacher's room are on the upper floors.
There is a large hall on the first floor and schoolchildren hold
their meetings here.We are proud of our physics, chemistry,
botany and English labs. They are equipped with tape
recorders, TV sets and other necessary apparatus.During the
years of study we acquire deep knowledge in various subjects,
such as physics, mathematics, chemistry, biology, Russian and
foreign languages and literature, history, geography etc. I was
especially good at languages. Our teacher gave us basic
knowledge of these sciences, they taught us to treat nature
carefully, to love our Motherland, to be honest and
I like my school very much.
Education is very important in our life. An educated person is
one who knows a lot about many things. He always tries to
learn, find out, discover more about the world around him. He
get knowledge at school, from books, magazines, from TV
educational programs. The pupils can get deeper knowledge in
different optional courses in different subjects and school
offers these opportunities. They can deepen and improve their
knowledge by attending different optional courses in different
subjects. The result of the educative process is the capacity for
Further education. Nowadays the students of secondary
schools have opportunities to continue their education by
entering, gymnasiums, lyceums, colleges. But the road to
learning is not easy. There is noroyal road to learning. To be
successful in studies one must work heard. It's for you to
decide to learn and make progress or not to learn lose your
time. The role of foreign languages is also increasing today.
Thanks to the knowledge of foreign languages one can read
books, magazines in the original, talk to foreigners, translate
various technical articles. Moreover, joint ventures which have
recently appeared in our country need specialists with
profound knowledge of foreign languages like English,
German or French. To know foreign languages is absolute
necessary for every educated person, for good specialists.