Конспект урока по английскому языку "My friend" 3 класс

Конспект урока по английскому языку в 3 классе
Захарова Марина Геннадьевна учитель английского языка
ТЕМА: My friend.
ЦЕЛЬ: развитие любви к предмету;
1. Провести практику речевой деятельности.
2. Учить логическому высказыванию по теме; активизировать в речи учащихся ЛЕ по теме.
воспитательные: развивать интерес к культуре собственной страны; воспитывать уважение к
культуре страны изучаемого языка;
развивающие: развивать межпредметную связь и познавательный интерес учащихся;
развивать умение диалогической и монологической речи, способность к догадке,
ТИП УРОКА: итоговый по теме “My friend
ОБОРУДОВАНИЕ: наглядные пособия по праздникам; ТСО: мультимедиа комплект;
CD, УМК Биболетова М.З.
Орг. момент:
Т.: Good afternoon, boys and girls. Sit down, please. Today we will have an unusual lesson,
because we'll speak about friends. The topic of our lesson today will be "My friend". We'll see
your knowledge of them, sing a song and have some funny competitions.
Основная часть урока:
T: There are characters of famous fairy tales. Look at them. Who is this?
S. Cinderella and Pouf-the Ball, Baba Yaga,
T. Describe them.
S.: Her nose is little. Her yeas are brown. She is kind and nice. She works hard. She lives with
her stepmother, father and two sisters. (Cinderella).
T. Would you like to be her friend?
S. I would like to be her friend.
T. Why?
S. She is kind.
2. Her eyes are angry. Her nose is long. Her ears are big. She is ugly. (Baba Yaga)
3. His mouth is big. His yeas are little. He is funny, marry and smart. He can sing. He is round.
He looks for friends. He lives in the forest. (Pouf-the ball).
T. We speak today about friends.
Pupils will act 2 fairy tales. Listen and than answer questions. This is Puff- the ball. He wants to
have friends.
Puff-the ball wants to have friends
N: Puff-the ball hasn’t got parents. He wants to have friends. One day he goes out to look for
friends. He walks on and on. He sees a cat.
Puff: Hello Pussy. I am looking for a friend. Do you want to be my friend?
Cat: Of course!
Puff: Please, take me with you.
Cat: With great pleasure. I want to have your friend. Come with me.
N: So they walk on and on and they see a little dog.
Dog: Hi! Are you looking for a friend? You are two and I am alone. Please take me with you.
Puff and Cat: And who are you?
Dog: I’m Rex-the dog
Puff and Cat: OK. Come with us.
N: Now they are good friends. They play together. Soon they see a rabbit.
Rabbit: Hi! I would like to be your friend. Please take me with you.
All together: Who are you?
Rabbit: I’m Jack-the Rabbit.
All together: Nice to meet you. Come with us.
N: They play together and have a good time. Soon they see a frog.
Frog: Hello! Are you looking for a friend? You are four and I am alone.
All together: And who are you?
Frog: I am Flop-the frog. I want to be your friend.
N: They walk on and on. Soon they come to a nice house.
Puff: Look! It is very big.
Cat: What a nice house.
Dog: We can live in this house.
N: Now they are living happily in this nice big house.
T. Let’s speak about Puff’s friends.
How many friends has Puff got?
T. Name them.
S. The cat, the frog, the rabbit, the dog.
T. Where do they meet?
S. In the forest
T. Are they happy together?
S. Yes, of course.
T. Where do they come?
S. They come to the house.
T. Next fairy tale is about Cinderella.
T. Is Cinderella’s family big?
S. Yes, it is.
T. How many are they?
S. Six.
T. Name them.
S. Cinderella, stepmother,…..
T. Do you like Cinderella’s stepmother?
S. No.
T. Why?
S. She is angry. She doesn’t like Cinderella.
T. Do you have a friend in your class?
S. Yes.
T. Describe your friend and other pupils have to guess who it is.
S. S.
T. Let’s relax and sing together.
T. This a story about Andrew. Add missing words. Take cards.
1. home 2. his homework 3. gets up 4. face 5. usually 6. watches
Andrew lives in Moscow with his mum, dad and little sister Rose. Andrew is a pupil. He goes to
school every day. He …….at 7 o’clock. He washes his……and hands, cleans his teeth. Andrew
comes …… at 2 p.m. After lunch he does…….…and plays with Rose. In the evening he ……..
TV and reads books. He…….. goes to bed at 9 p.m.
T. Answer the questions:
1. Where does he live?
2. Is he a pupil?
3. Where does he go?
4. When does he get up?
5. What does he do in the morning?
6. When do they have breakfast?
T. Listen a story about Andrew’s friends. Choose the right answer.
T. We speak about friends today. What friend would you like to have?
S. I would like to have a smart (brave, interesting, kind, funny) friend. He can do sports with me.
He likes animals. He is a good friend.
T. Your home task: Read the letter on the page 123 and write back.
Dear pen friend,
My name is Alex. I’m from Great Britain. I live with my mum and dad. What is your name?
How old are you? In summer I ride my bike and swim. What do like to do? I have got a grey
rabbit. It is nice and funny. Have you got a pet?
Please write back. Your pen friend, Alex.
T. Do you work well?
T. Do you enjoy our lesson? You have two cards. If the lesson was interesting show a red flower.