Тест "Условные предложения I типа" 6 класс

Test (6-th grade)
Условные предложения I типа
1. If the weather (be) fine, we (go) for a walk.
2. If I (get) this job, I (earn) a lot of money.
3. If she (go) to London, she (see) the Tower of London.
4. If you (not hurry), we (miss) the train.
5. If it (be) windy and stormy tomorrow, we (not go) to the skating-rink.
6. If my parents (buy) tickets, we (go) to the concert.
7. If it (be) sunny, my friends and I (go) to the lake.
8. My friends and I (play football), if it (rain).
9. My father (fish in a boat), if there (be) a heavy rain.
10. If there (be) a severe storm, we (stay) at home.
11. If my father (buy) tickets, we (go) to the circus.
12. Helen (fly) to Moscow in summer, if she (have) holidays.
13. If Sasha (go) to Washington, Jack (show) him the city.
14. I (buy) this blouse, if I (like) it.
15. Susan (buy) this book, if she (have) some money.
16. John (go) camping, if his parents (let) him.
17. Mother (let) Clyde go to the stadium, if he (walk) the dog.
18. If there (be) a thunderstorm, Ted (play) tennis in the gymnasium.
19. I (make) a report, if I (have) a lot of interesting material.
20. My brother (buy) the products, if he (not forget) about it.