Тест "Who is your role model?" 7 класс

Test (Unit 9)
1. Put the verbs in brackets into the past simple or the past perfect.
1) He ____________ (phone) his friend before he____________(go) to the theatre.
2) Amundsen_____________ (come) to the South Pole before Scott_____________
(come) to the South Pole.
3) She_____________ (see) him on TV before she_____________ (meet) him.
4) The team______________ (win) 10 games before they______________ (become)
5) Peggy___________ (see) the film before she____________ (read) the book.
2. Give opposites to the following words.
1) generous
2) hard-working
3) to hate people
4) cheeky
5) stupid
3. Write the people’s qualities.
1) Bill Gates is ________________, ________________, ________________ .
2) Mikhail Lomonosov was _______________, ___________________ .
3) William Wallace was ________________, ____________________ .
4) Mother Teresa was ________________, ________________, _______________.
4. Write the names of the subjects aссoгding to the model.
Model: Geographer Geography
chemist C...
physicist P…
mathematician M…
writer L…
5. Choose the right answer.
1) Mother Teresa was
a) a nun b) a doctor c) a teacher
2) Bill Gates is
a) a Scottish patriot b) a multimillionaire c) a great poet
3) Mikhail Lomonosov is
a) Russian b) American c) English
4) The founder of the Moscow State University was
a) Bill Gates b) Mikhail Lomonosov c) Alexander Pushkin
5) William Wallace fought against
a) the English b) the Saxons c) the Vikings
6) … got the Nobel Peace Prize.
a) Mother Teresa b) Bill Gates c) Mikhail Lomonosov