Проверочная работа "Английские времена глагола" 9 класс

Grammar check (tenses).
Task 1 Choose the suitable tense according to the meanings.
Present Simple, Present Continuous, Present Perfect, Present Perfect Continuous
1. Личные планы на будущее
2. Повседневные, регулярные действия, истины.
3. Действие, которое началось в прошлом и продолжается на протяжении какого-то времени с
наречиями «for», «since».
4. Расписания поездов, программ, фильмов.
5. Действия, которые происходят в момент речи, временные ситуации.
6. Действие, имеющее видимый результат в настоящем.
7. Действие, которое продолжалось на протяжении какого-то периода времени и можно видеть
его последствия.
8. Действие, которое длилось какой-то период времени и всё ещё продолжается с глаголами,
которые не имеют формы продолженного времени.
Task 2 Match the formulas to the names of tenses.
1. Am, is, are + Ving A) Present Simple
2. Have been/has been+Ving B) Present Perfect
3. Have/has+ Ved/V3 C) Present Continuous
4. V1/Vs(es) D) Present Perfect Continuous
N+don`t/doesn`t +V1
Do…+V1/ Does…..+V1?
Task 3 Complete the tables with these key words.
For/since, usually, so far, often, at the moment, just, all day, ever, this month, recently, at the
weekend, before, How long..?.
Present Simple
Present Continuous
Present Perfect
Present Perfect Continuous
Task 4 Translate the sentences.
1. It`s a lovely summer day, and every one is enjoying the warmth of the golden sun.
2. I`m quite superstitious, I never go anywhere without my lucky charm.
3. Here you are! We have been looking for you all day.
4. You look exhausted! What have you been doing?
5. It`s a very lucky day! I`ve just seen a shooting star.
6. The week includes a colorful street parade, a cooking contest.
7. We are having a fantastic time at the Rio Carnival. The atmosphere is amazing.
Task 5 Choose the correct tense forms of the verbs.
1. What have you done / have you been doing so far?
2. The kids watch / are watching TV at
3. the moment.
4. Petra is looking disappointed / looks disappointed because she have lost/ has lost her golden
5. This rose smell / smells nice and sweet.
6. Tom is tired because he has worked / has been working in the garden all day long.
7. Do you look forward/ are you looking forward to your birthday party next week?
8. When do / does the celebrations start?
9. Owen haven`t seen/ has not seen a fireworks display before.