Тест "Buryat national Clothes" 8 класс

Quiz ”Buryat national Clothes”
1. What does the sharp pointed top of the Buryat national hat mean?
a) Mountain
b) datsan
c) prosperity
d) luck
2. The silver decoration on the top of the head:
a) zala
b) denze
c) zhanchi
3. The summer degel:
a) chyzhe
b) terlig
c) sege
4. The most prestigeos belt:
a) yanzhin
b) durdam
c) Utahan
5. The sole of summer boots:
a) cloth
b) thick felt
c) leather
6. The hat like a hood with earphlaps closing your neck:
a) pinii
b) yuden, yuban
c) uuzha
7. A tassel of red colour sewn to the top of hat means:
a) fire
b) sunrays
c) force
8. What clothes is forbidden as a gift:
a) malgai (hat)
b) degel (chalat)
c) gutal (obuv)
9. A knot of happiness wetlled from red cord sewn on the top of the hat?
a) denze
b) zalaa
c) sompi
10. The upper button(tobsho) is the symbol of
a) honesty
b) profit
c) luck
11. The lenth of the man’s belt
a) 2 lengths of stretched hands
b)1 length to the sides
c) 5 lengths t of stretched hands
12. What is the most important element of a men's suit(degel):
a) belt
b) Jacket
c) Hoodie