Тест "Возвратные местоимения"

Test (Pronouns)
1. Choose the pronoun from the brackets:
1) He has done the project (him, his, himself).
2) (She, Her, Herself) son is very smart. He is the best pupil in the class.
3) I haven’t seen (you, your, yourself) for ages!
4) My cousins have repaired the car (they, themselves, their).
5) Ann couldn’t behave (her, she, herself) when she was a child.
6) We saw the accident (our, ours, ourselves) with our own eyes.
7) I don’t like anybody to help me. I do everything (my, myself, mine).
8) Our father has made a new shelf (himself, him, he).
9) We enjoyed (us, our, ourselves) at the party yesterday.
10) They won’t meet (me, my, myself) in the airport.
2. Put in reflexive pronouns where necessary:
1) We enjoy bathing _ in the river in summer.
2) She prefers doing the shopping _.
3) You must do your homework _.
4) In the morning he usually washes _, shaves _ and has breakfast.
5) If you want to go to the concert you should behave _.
6) Can your little sister read _?
7) How did you feel _ yesterday?
8) She dreams to live by _ and not to share the room with anybody.
9) Do you make dinner _?
10) He behaves _ badly at school.
3. Translate the sentences into Russian:
1) They always speak of themselves.
2) We don’t believe he can make it by himself.
3) I prefer going to the shops myself.
4) Kate felt awfully and left the room.
5) The students solved the problem by themselves.
6) The water itself was warm for swimming.
7) My elder sister drives a car herself.
4. Translate the sentences into English:
1) Моя мама сама печет торты и пироги.
2) Мы прекрасно провели время в парке.
3) Том научился сам кататься на велосипеде.
4) Мой младший брат не умеет одеваться сам.
5) Моя подруга иногда ведет себя нехорошо.
6) Природа не может защитить себя.
7) Они сами вымыли посуду после обеда.