Тест "The History of Sagaalgan" 9 класс

Quiz “The History of Sagaalgan”
1. When was Sagaalgan celebrated initially as a holiday?
a) In winter
b) In summer
c) In spring
d) In fall
2. When and where was the Sagaalgan originally сelebrated?
a) In summer, in Buryatia
b) In autumn, in Mongolia
c) In spring, in Kalmykia
d) In winter, in Russia
3. When was the celebration of the Sagaalgan postponed for February?
a) 1267
b) 1394
c) 1023
d) 1474
4. What is the reason of the Sagaalgan based on?
a) falling of a comet
b) date of a prayer
c) on moon phases
d) certain sequence
5. Who approved the celebration of Sagaalgan since fall to the end of winter?
1) Khan Genghis Khan
2) Khan Kubilai
3) Hang Ugedei
4) Hang Guyuk
6. What was Sagaalgan originally called?
a) Ust-Orda
b) Goatah
c) Tsogtoo
d) Tsagaan Sar
7. What do the peculiar rectangular scarfs from silk mean?
a) Kover
b) Acagat
c) Hadak
d) Boolon
8. What is the name of the Patroness of all living beings and a heavenly deity ?
a) Palden Lhamo
b) Ardan Sanchirov
c) Aginsk Buryad
d) Rabzhyn Hasharig
9. What is the name of “Cleansing fire”, clarification ceremony?
a) Masleniza
b) Surcharban
c) Dygzhuuba
d) Butuu yder
10. Who was the contemporary of the Khan Hubilaya who described the celebration of
“Tsagaan Sar”.
1) Marco Polo
2) Captain John Smith
3) Francis Drake
4) Evlin Chelebi
11. In what year as an official holiday Sagaalgan was revived in Buryatia?
1) 1990
2) 1973
3) 1980
4) 1986
12. In what year as an official holiday Sagaalgan was revived in Mongolia?
1) 1960
2) 1949
3) 1968
4) 1977
Questions with detailed answers
1. Where was Tsagaan Sar for the first time celebrated? Tsagaan Sar was celebrated for the first
time in Mongolia.
2. What did the word “Tsagaan Sar” mean and what did it symbolize? (The word “Tsagaan Sar”
means “White Month” which symbolizes renewal of man and nature, openness and purity of
thought, hope and good expectations).
3. When and why was ”Tsagaan Sar “ originally celebrated? ("White Month" was originally
celebrated in autumn. At this time preparations of dairy products for holiday ended .
4. When and why did the grandson of Genghis Khan Kubilai postpone "Tsagaan Sar”? (In 1267
from autumn to the first month of spring according to the lunar calendar, under the influence of
Chinese astrology).
5. What colour is associated with Sagaalgan and why? (Sagaalgan is associated with the white
colour, which means the colour of white milk and all the dairy products and symbolizes long life,
happiness and richness).
6. What period of time is for the cattlemen in Buryatia and Mongolia? (The period of the
completion of the annual cycle when the harsh winter has passed, the warming starts, and with it
the awakening of nature from winter sleep. This time due to the massive reception of the
offspring of cattle, the beginning of the abundance of dairy foods).
7. Where and why are special services hold in the beginning of the Sagaalgan? (In the Datsans
Lamas hold special services for a better life for all living being. The Buryat people go there to
receive prosperity, health and good luck and to pray for well-being, happiness and peace on
8. When does the Sagaalgan start and why we should not sleep at that time ? (The Sagaalgan starts
at dawn before the first rays of the rising sun on the first Lunar day of the white month, because
the Goddess Lhama is flying in the sky and counting all living beings. That is why we should not
sleep at that time).