Самостоятельная работа "Complex object"

Read, translate and remember
Parents make their children read books.
Who made you get up so early? No one. It’s just the bright sun!
Can Aunt Polly make Tom Sawyer paint the fence? Yes, sure.
Mother doesn’t want me to go to the party.
What did she ask me to do? Just phone her up.
Please, tell her to bring the article on teenagers’ problems tomorrow morning.
Ask your elder brother to leave a message for your parents.
1. Mr Phillips wanted his son to try his luck.
2. “We only wanted Steve to help us”, answered the little boys.
3. I would like to ask her to take care of my pet on Sunday.
4. What made you laugh?
2. Put in to if it is necessary
1. Julia wanted her parents … allow her to get a Saturday job.
2. Why did she ask you … come?
3. Poor Steve! His parents make him … do this homework everyday.
4. The Head Teacher told us … get ready for the Chemistry test next week.
5. Their father wants them … study Physics.
6. Who has made you … attend classes?
. Make up sentences. Use the words in brackets.
Her teacher … go to the stadium twice a week (make / she)
We … to work hard at her English (ask / she)
They … look for a Saturday job (want / we)
The young parents … take care of their little daughter (ask / I)
His elder brother … argue with you (make / he)
Задание. Translate these sentences into English:
1. Я слышу, как Катя играет на пианино.
2. Вчера я слышал, как кто-то сказал, что погода будет меняться.
3. Детей заставили выучить стих наизусть.
4. Она хочет, чтоб он был счастлив.
5. Мой коллега не заметил, как я вышел из офиса.
6. Наш сын не ожидал, что мы подарим ему щенка.
7. Мой учитель заставляет меня усердно учиться.
8. Мы все слышали, как Андрей говорил это.
9. Я полагаю, ему около сорока лет.
10. Он не ожидал, что она так изменится.