Конспект урока "Gardening in England" 6 класс

Date: 01.02.2018
Grade: 6th
Theme of the lesson: Gardening in England
Title of the lesson: Past Continuous
Type of the lesson: Presenting new grammar material
Visual aids: Cards, picture, active board, book
The Aims:
- to improve speaking, writing, reading skills by doing classroom activities.
- to activate new words and «Past Continuous» in their speech.
- to develop educational level of pupils through doing exercises
Teacher attitude: moves around the class, keeps eye contact, focuses attention to
whom is speaking, encourages and makes positive remarks, varies the tone of the
voice, doesn't interrupt pupils rudely for correcting mistakes, smiles, encourages.
The procedure of the lesson:
I Greeting: Good morning, children!
Good morning, teacher!
II Organization moment.
Who is on duty today?
Who is absent today?
What day is it today?
What season is it now?
What date is it today?
What is the weather like today?
Now I want to divide you into 3 groups. Noun, Adjective, Verb. Please, take this
cards and find your places.
II Warm-up:
Find the words.
III Checking the home task.
What was your home task? Are you ready for the lesson?
Let’s check up your home task. Ex.3 to make invitation and dictionary
IV Presentation of the new material. Pupils today we will start new theme
Gardening in England. So, open your dictionary and write down new words.
• plant [`pla: nt] – отырғызу
• water [`wo: tә ] су құю, суару
• whitewash [ wait`woʃ], v ақтау, ағарту
• prune [`pru: n ], v – кесу, бұтау
• garden [`ga: dn] – бақ
• gardener [`ga: dәnә] бағбан
• gardening [`ga: dniη] бағбаншылық
Ex 2. P114. Discuss the following questions in groups. (Method of mingling)
a) Do you have a garden?
b) What kind of garden would you like to have? Would you like a garden with
vegetables or with flowers?
c) What do people usually do in the garden?
d) Do you like working in the garden?
And we have grammar topic Past Continuous. Өткен шақтағы белгілі бір
уақытта басталып, сол туралы айтқан кезде әлі де жалғасып жатқан
оқиғаны білдіреді. Мысалы, I was writing a letter at 7 o'clock last night.
Fornula: was/were+verbs+-ing
Task 1.
So, guys open your books Ex 5. P 115. Read the text, find the new words in the
dialogue and pay attention to their meanings.
Omar meets his friend Mike in the street on Monday.
Mike: Hello.
Omar: Hello. How are you?
Mike: I`m fine, thanks. What about you?
Omar: I`m fine, too.
Mike: I phoned you at 2 o`clock yesterday, but you weren`t at home. Where were
Omar: we were in the garden.
Mike: What were you doing there?
Omar: My father was planting trees. My mother was watering the flowers.
Ex 6. True or false? T F
1. Mike phoned Omar yesterday? ------ T
2.Omar and his family were in the garden. ----- T
3.Omar’s father was planting flowers. -- F
4. His mother was whitewashing the gate. ----- F
5. Omar was pruning dead branches. ---- F
6. Omar enjoys working in the garden. --- T