Викторина по английскому языку "Welcome to the Wonderland if you are good at English"

Муниципальное общеобразовательное учреждение
«Липецкая среднеобразовательная школа № 70»
Конспект внеклассного мероприятия по
английскому языку
в 5 классе
Викторина по английскому языку
«Welcome to the Wonderland if you are good at
Галкина Анастасия Александровна
Мещерякова Ирина Николаевна
г. Липецк
English quiz for grade 5
Welcome to the Wonderland if you are good at English”
Objective: to consolidate the existing knowledge in the field of English through the
game situation.
- to increase the cognitive interest of students to the language through the use of game
- consolidate the ability to use speech to speech;
- learning the skills of listening to foreign words.
- to develop students ' attention and memory;
- to develop the ability to work in a group.
- ability to work in cooperation with others;
- to foster respect for other cultures.
Comments: the lesson is held in the form of competition, so students should be
divided into 2 teams (depending on the number of participants). Or you can hold a
quiz between the students of two classes. Have a fury to make the pupils’ work.
1. Greeting
Good afternoon, children! How are you ? (Pupils say “Fine! Not bad. So-so” etc.)
That’s good. I’m also fine. Sit down please. Let’s start our class.
2. A kind of warm up
The traditional question that I have to address to you is about weather. So, what do
you think about the weather today? (Pupils say: It’s sunny\warm\a bit windy” etc.)
That’s OK. But I suppose you remember a funny poem about the weather in English.
It’s more close to a tongue-twister. If you remember, help me finish the lines, please:
(Teacher starts reciting, pupils help to finish lines)
Whether the weather is fine
Or whether the weather is not.
Whether the weather is cold
Or whether the weather is hot.
We’ll weather the weather
Whatever the weather
Whether we like it or not. So, in general isn’t bad today.
3. Stage 1
Our class as you see won’t be an ordinary today. I’d like you to travel with me to a
very interesting and wonderful place. Would you like to travel a bit today? (Pupils
answer). OK. We won’t be very long I promise.
Let’s close your eyes, sit erect, try to relax and follow the music that you’ll hear right
now (music for 1 minute “Let me be your wings”. At that moment teachers prepare
the desk hang on it colorful pictures, the theme)
4. Stage 2
So, my dear friend, we’ve arrived. Open your eyes, please, and welcome to a magic
world called Wonderland. You’ll see and meet its wonderful inhabitants but there is
only one problem: you are allowed to be here only if you are good at English. So, it’s
better to check your knowledge. The best way to do it is to organize a competition (a
contest). And right now we’ll form two teams. (Volunteers\participants of the two
teams take place at the tables). OK. If you are read, let’s start our contest. Our jury
(the inhabitants of the Wonderland) will judge your work honestly and fairly.
5. Stage 3
The first task will be the following: you’ll be given a card one for each team. The
card contains some lines of words. Each line has the odd word. You have to find this
odd word and explain your choice. If you are ready with your answer, put up your
hand. For each right answer you’ll get one score\point. If the task is clear, let’s start!
(Possible lines in a card:
1. peach, pear, chicken, apple, banana
2. tail, cat, mouse, dog, rabbit
3. red, sun, green, purple, brown) Pupils work over the lines and give their answers
Thank you. Our jury have fixed your results.
6. Stage 4
The next task is the following: you’ll be given a card. This time it contains the letter
abbreviation, but the capital letters are mixed. Your task is to put them into the
correct order (the prompt for each of the words to understand the meaning is given).
For each right answer you’ll get one score<