Модальные глаголы (карточки для проверочной работы)

1. Students ___ talk in the test.
A have to B mustn’t C must
2. You ___ wear a uniform to school.
A needn’t B needn’t to C must to
3. You ___ wash your face every morning.
A must B mustn’t C need
4. I ___ go home now. My dog needs walking and feeding.
A have B mustn’t C have to
5. I ___ tell anyone what happened.
A mustn’t to B have to C mustn’t
6. You ___ worry about the children. They’ll be ok.
A needn’t B have to C must to
7. You ___ always come to school on time.
A must to B must C needn’t to
8. I ___take part in this conference. It’s obligatory.
A needn’t B mustn’t to C have to
9. You ___ burn fires in the forest.
A have to B mustn’t C must
10. You ___ make your bed. I’ll do it for you.
A needn’t B have to C needn’t to
11. You ___ keep silence in the library.
A needn’t B must C have
12. My brother has fallen ill. I ___ take him to the hospital.
A must to B needn’t C have to
13. You ___ tell lies. It’s not nice of you.
A mustn’t to B mustn’t C have to
14. You ___ wash the floors. I did yesterday.
A needn’t B mustn’t to C needn’t to
15. I ___ visit my sister tonight. I haven’t seen her for ages.
A must to B must C have
16. You____do your homework every day.
A must B must to C need
17 . Teachers _____be strict.
A should B need C must
18. Children______smoke.
A needn”t B shouldn”t C mustn”t
19. You _______help your classmates.
A should B should to C shouldn”t
20. The dishes are clean. You _______wash up today.
A shouldn”t B mustn”t C needn”t
Какой модальный глагол вы бы использовали при переводе. Выберите правильный вариант!
1.Тебе следует посмотреть этот фильм.
а) must
b) have
c) should
2.Я должен идти домой. Чтобы накормить и выгулять собаку.
a) have to
b) must
c) should
3.Можно они прочитают текст? Нет, нельзя.
a) mustn’t.
b) needn’t
c) shouldn’t
4.Нужно ли перевести предложение? Да,нужно.
a) must
b) need
c) have
5.Запрещается приносить спички в школу.
a) don’t have to
b) should not
c) mustn’t