Презентация "Literature in our life" 7 класс

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Literature in our life A good book has no ending.  ~R.D. Cumming Literature in our life We are going to discuss
  • linkers and active vocabulary
  • Speak about our taste in books
  • Read a short story
  • Make up the continuation
Warm-up What did you do yesterday evening?
  • First / In the beginning
  • Then /Afterwards/After that/Next etc.
  • Finally/Eventually
Name the genre
  • Treasure Island
  • Harriet the Spy
  • Tom Sawyer.
  • Gulliver's Travels.
  • Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.
  • Sadko
Correct the mistakes  
  • The Grate Gatsby
  • The Advintures of Huckleberry Finn
  • The Katcher in the Rye
  • The Scarlett Lettur
  •  The Old Man and the See
  • In Kold Blood
  • Big Freindli Giant
The Big Friendly Giant
Homework Thank you for your attention!