Презентация "Bussiness English" 11 класс

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Creators of the project:

Tresckowa D.

Malina S.

Gulyaeva A.

Bitkova M.

The dynamic of social and economic changes of the modern society define the main personal and professional qualities and skills of the young specialist.

We think, that the course of ”Business English” gives us the great possibility to master all necessary professional qualities and skills of the modern specialist.

It is known that Business English and, more widely, business communication are relatively new spheres for those who learn English. More and more frequently people from different spheres of activities would like to get a better idea of the business world and English used for business purposes.

We understand that it is rather difficult to master these fairly new and rather complicated subjects but it is necessary for us as for the young specialists. It is possible working step by step.

We know that English is means of human communication in speaking and writing; it is also a living and constantly changing entity. Over the past several decades, English has acquired a global presence. It is preferred and increasingly accepted means of international and intercultural communication. It is the language of politics and diplomacy, the language of science and modern informational technologies and more important for the present course of lectures, the language used in business contexts.

Business English is the language used in business contexts.

The course “Business English” contains the following blocks: Socializing and Telephoning Business, correspondence Business documents and contracts, Business meetings, Presentations, Negotiating and the Media. While learning them we get the basis and essence of business and the skills of writing a good resume, summary of our background.

The course “Business English” gives the opportunity to study professional and union newsletters, magazines, and other economical publications and lets us get the skills which can improve our chances for employment.