Презентация "Fashion Show" 10 класс

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Fashion Show.

Types of clothes.

Casual clothes.

Casual clothes is characterized by freedom and convenience. We can walk in it almost anywhere and anytime.


Street-casual - this casual dress impeccably suited energetic people who value comfort.

Sport-casual – it includes the usual combination with certain sports clothing elements.

All-out-casual – this direction is categorically not suitable for the office. It is suitable for outdoor pastime, for example, going out with friends.

Smart-casual – fits perfectly into the business atmosphere. Not as boring as usual strict dress-code, but at the same time the image corresponds to the office environment.



For example:

Types of clothes.

Party clothes.

If you love parties, then every new party needs a party dress. In party clothes you must be the most glamorous, dazzling, flirty version of yourself with a dress that says it's party time.

Types of clothes.

Business clothes.

Business style, he is very strict. No jeans and sneakers, it is characterized pants, shirts, ties and tuxedos. We use it at school for meetings and public events.

Types of clothes.

Work clothes.

This type of clothing designed to the performance of any work


that any clothing should be fashionable and comfortable.

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