Презентация "Holidays in Russia and Great Britain" 5 класс

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  • Holidays in Russia and Great Britain
  • Презентация учеников 5 класса Димитриевской школы. 2010 г.
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  • Christmas is the most important festival of the year. It is the birthday of Jesus Christ.
  • Christmas in Great Britain
  • Sophia Lazareva
Christmas English words
  • Poinsettias – пуансеттия
  • Hang branches – развешивать ветки
  • Mistletoe – омела
  • Front door – парадная дверь
  • A wreath - венок
Christmas decorations in Britain and the USA
  • Many people decorate their home for
  • Christmas. Most people buy
  • Christmas trees and
  • decorate them with toys, coloured
  • balls and little coloured
  • lights.
  • Some people also buy plants with bright, red
  • leaves called poinsettias.
  • People also hang branches of mistletoe above their doors.
  • There is a tradition of kissing someone under the mistletoe.
  • Some people in Great Britain and the USA
  • decorate their front doors with a wreath.