Презентация "A feast of Scotland" 8 класс

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A feast of Scotland (Пир Шотландии) Eating fish in Scotland Fish from the cold seas around Scotland are very different from Mediterranean fish. The most popular Scottish sea fish are cod, haddock, plaice and herring. The most famous type of fast food in Scotland is “fish and chips”. The fish is usually a piece of cod or plaice which is covered with batter and deep fried in oil. The batter is a mixture of flour, eggs and milk. You can find fish and chips in most Scottish towns. Christmas Pudding
  • Some people make this pudding months before Christmas. A lot of families have their own Christmas pudding recipes. Some, for example, use a lot of brandy. Others put a lot of fruit or add a silver coin for luck.
Hot Cross buns The first Christians in Rome made hot cross buns two thousands years ago. But now they’re Eastern traditions in Scotland. Every Easter the Scots put a hot cross bun in a special basket in a pub. Now the tradition is different. The owner of the pub sells the special hot cross buns. Then he gives the money to the Scottish Sailor’s society. Scottish eggs
  • We take seven eggs, boil them 3 – 5 minutes. Then we mince 300 grams of pork, add one raw egg. Salt it. Then we divide a stiffing into 6 portions and make ovals, put eggs into each oval. After that put eggs into boiled water and fry them until they become brown. Eat eggs when they are warm, it’s better to eat them with vegetables.
Haggis – a traditional Scottish meal For preparing Haggis one should take heart, liver or lights of a sheep, onions, 2 cups of oatmeal, salt, pepper, a trussing needle and fine string. One should eat it with mashed potatoes or mashed turnips. Sweet tooth The Scottish have a sweet tooth. That means they like eating things like puddings and pies, biscuits and buns, cakes and rolls. Scottish Sandwiches and Scottish tea

A lot of people in Scotland eat sandwiches for their lunch. You can buy all sorts of sandwiches in shops. You can get meat sandwiches, or salad sandwiches, you can get cheese, egg or fish sandwiches. You can even buy fruit sandwiches.

Scottish Pancakes Scottish people eat pancakes on Shrove Tuesday in February or March. For pancakes you need flour, eggs and milk. Then you eat them with sugar and lemon. In some parts of Scotland there are pancakes races on Shrove Tuesday. People race with a frying pan in one hand. They have to ‘’toss’’ the pancake, throw it in the air and catch it again in the frying pan.