Презентация "What was your friend doing at 6 pm yesterday?" 7 класс

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What was youR FRIEND doing at 6 pm yesterday?

At 6 pm yesterday my friend …

Past Progressive WAS/ WERE V -ing



Why did the police come to their house?

What was happening in the picture?

B) The robber was looking for something when Mrs. Larkin looked into the room.

C). Mrs. Larkin was standing next to the window when the robber ran out of the house.

A). A robber was trying to open a big box when he saw Mrs. Larkin

D). Mrs. Larkin was making tea when she heard a strange noise in her neighbours’ house.

E). Mrs. Larkin went to their house.

F). Mrs. Larkin was cutting her roses when she heard the strange noise again.


1 – d

2- f

3- e

4- b

5- a

6- c

1 – Mum 2 – Rosy 3–Dad 4 - Rob Your homework: ex. B p. 85– retell the story. Start with: To cut a long STORY short… 3- questions in the Past Progressive 2 – sentences in the Past Progressive 1- the most DIFFICULT TASK