Презентация "Special Powers" 5-6 класс

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Special Powers Past continuous tense How can you learn about things? Use your senses Use your powers!






Match …


Cheese You can see, smell, touch and taste it, but you can’t hear it Music You can.. But you can’t … Sea water You can.. But you can’t … Perfume You can.. But you can’t … Sun You can.. But you can’t …

Have you got some

special powers?

“I have a dog’s nose,

I have an eagle’s eye”

Last summer Tom was coming back from Scotland when his dog disappeared.

What were you doing when it happened?

What did you do?

Past continuous

8:50-9:10 have breakfast

9:10-10:10 read the book

10:10-11:00 clean the flat

11:00-12:00 help mother in the garden

12:00-12:30 watch TV

12:30-13:00 have lunch


8:50-9:10 have breakfast.

– At nine o’clock Christina was having her breakfast.