Урок-путешествие "Welcome to the USA" 7 класс

МОУ «Хужирская средняя общеобразовательная школа»
Welcome to the USA!
7 класс
Учитель: Грязева Н. Н.
Хужир 2006
Практические задачи: повторение ранее изученной лексики по теме
Welcome to the USA”, введение новой грамматической структуры I would
like to have
Образовательные задачи: расширение кругозора учащихся,
приобщение к культуре и традициям США.
Воспитательные задачи: воспитание познавательного интереса,
формирование мотивов и потребности к изучению иностранного языка.
Оборудование: карта США, вывески (exit, no smoking, lavatory occupied,
trash, fasten seatbelts) в самолете, таблица с грамматической структурой I
would like to have…, плакат с ребусом, меню для раздачи ученикам, записи
современных американских песен.
Ход урока
1. Организационный момент.
Teacher: Good morning, girls and boys! Sit down, please. How are you, Pupil
1? And how are you, Pupil 2? Who is absent today? Let’s begin our lesson.
Введение в сюжет урока.
Teacher: Today we continue our topic “ Welcome to the USA”. Imagine you
are in the plane flying to the United States of America.
Ladies and gentlemen! This is your stewardess speaking. I would like to
welcome you abord Delta flight 31. We are flying to America, to New York. We
are flying at an altitude of 11 000 metres. Our flight time will be approximately
8 hours and 45 minutes. Please, keep your seatbelts fastened all the time. I wish
you a wonderful flight!
2. Повторение ЛЕ по теме (повторение названий англоязычных
стран и их столиц).
Teacher: You see, America is an English- speaking country. What other
English- speaking countries do you know?
Pupil 1: Great Britain.
Pupil 2: Australia.
Pupil 3: New Zealand.
Pupil 4: Canada.
Teacher: What countries does Great Britain consist of?
Pupils: Great Britain consists of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern
Teacher: What are the capitals of these countries?
Pupil 1: London is the capital of Great Britain.
Pupil 2: Washington, D.C. is the capital of the U.S.A.
Pupil 3: Ottawa is the capital of Canada.
Pupil 4: Canberra is the capital of Australia.
Pupil 5: Wellington is the capital of New Zealand.
Teacher: Well. English is popular all over the world. Our flight is very long.
Usually on airplanes people enjoy themselves reading books and talking. And I
would like you to solve an interesting puzzle. If you solve it, you will know the
name of the capital of one English- speaking country.
На доске плакат с ребусом.
3. Ознакомление с грамматической структурой I would like to have
Teacher: Ladies and gentlemen! Look! We have been flying for 20 minutes
already. As for me, I’m very hungry. I want to eat. Are you hungry? Do you
want to eat?
Pupil 1: Yes, I do.
Pupil 2: Yes, I want to eat.
Teacher: Very well then! There are the menus of Delta airlines on your desks.
Look at them and read.
Teacher: You can choose anything you like. As for me, I would like to have…
Учитель указывает на грамматическую структуру I would like to have…,
написанную на плакате.
I breast of chicken
You seasonal garden
He tomato/ yoghurt
She would like to have dinner roll
We cheese
You crackers
They cake
4. Беседа с учителем при помощи речевого образца.
Teacher: Look here. I would like to have… and what about you?
Pupil 1: I would like to have…
Pupil 2: I would like to have…
Teacher: OK. Write down what you would like to have in your copybooks.
Teacher: So we have had our dinner. It was very delicious, wasn’t it? And
now let’s relax a little! Listen attentively to the taperecorder and tell me what
popular American singers and groups sing these songs.
Учитель включает магнитофон с записями популярных американских
5. Тест по истории США.
Teacher: You are going to America. So you must know its history, lifestyle,
traditions and customs. Now we see who knows it. Answer my questions,
1. Who discovered America? (Christopher Columbus)
2. Who was the first president of the United States of America? (George
3. Who is the president of the U.S.A. now? (George Bush)
4. In what city is there the tallest skyscraper? (Chicago)
5. What is the national sport in America? (baseball)
Teacher: Right. You are good and clever pupils.
6. Аудирование текста.
Teacher: The history of America is full of great names. These people are well-
known all over the world. One of them is… Well, you should guess who this
man is.
Учитель читает текст, ученики отгадывают имя известного американца
(Henry Ford).
Teacher: He was a man who transformed the world. He came from an
ordinary family and adored (liked very much) machines. When he was 16, he
went to Detroit to work in a machine shop. In 1896 he built an automobile that
could reach a speed of 25 miles per hour. Later he organized the Detroit
Automobile Company. When he was 40, he established a well known Motor
Company. At that time the automobile was a toy of the rich. This man decided
to change the situation. Even people who were not rich could buy his
automobile. In 1916 he invented the assembly line. It was a revolution in
automobile production. He attracted both national and international attention. He
became famous in the world. The cars of this American Company are very
popular everywhere, in all countries.
7. Подведение итогов урока.
Teacher: Our flight is coming to the end. We have learned a lot of new things
during our journey. You have worked very good. I give an excellent mark to
Pupil 1, a good mark to Pupil 2, etc.
8. Домашнее задание.
Teacher: Well, our flight has finished now. Unfasten your seatbelts, please!
Your homework is exercise 1 on page 59. You must fill in a form. Thank you for
your work. Goodbye.