Презентация "Victor Vasnetsov" 4 класс

Подписи к слайдам:

Vasnetsov was born in 1848 in a small

village near Vyatka. They were 8 in the

family: his father, mother, 5 brothers and

Victor. When he was a boy,he liked drawing

and painting pictures.

In 1867 Vasnetsov moved to St. Petersburg.

He studied at the Academy of Arts.

We can see many paintings by Vasnetsov

in Tretyakov Art Gallery in Moscow.

Vasnetsov did the architectural design

for the building of the gallery.

He died in 1926 in his house in Moscow.

Now it’s the Vasnetsov House Museum.


Do You remember the

Russian tale about

a sister and a brother,

Alenushka and

Ivanushka? One hot, sunny

day they walked

for a long time. The brother

became thirsty.

He saw a goat’s hoof full of water

and drank

from the hoof. Alenushka looked

for her

Brother, but she found only a

white kid. She

sat down on a rock near the lake

and cried.

The Flying Carpet

Three Heroes

Ivan Tzarevich and The Wolf.

Ivan Tzarevich and

Elena the

Beautiful have a lot of


adventures. The Wolf

is their friend.

He rescues them and

helps them to

come back home.

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