Конспект урока "O’Henry "The last leaf"" 11 класс

O’Henry “The last leaf”
1) Совершенствование всех видов чтения: понимание основного содержания, чтение с
полным пониманием и чтение с извлечением заданной информации.
2) Порождение собственного устноречевого высказывания на основе текста и при помощи
3) Тренировка аудирования и умения выполнять задания на множественный выбор.
1) Обучающие
учить читать с разными стратегиями.
2) Развивающие
а) развитие способности к догадке, к сравнению и сопоставлению, к выявлению причинно-
следственных связей в тексте, к формированию выводов из прочитанного;
б) развитие умения говорить на основе прочитанного;
в) формирование грамматических навыков чтения и говорения.
3) Воспитательные
а) учить уважать культурные ценности другого народа и страны;
б) формирование потребности и способности к сотрудничеству и взаимопомощи при работе
в паре и группе.
Вид урока: урок – контроль домашнего чтения, урок-игра.
Наглядность и оборудование: 1) книга для чтения
2) презентация
I Организационный момент:
1. Good morning! Sit down, please. Who’s on duty today? Who’s absent today? How are you? Now, all
right , let’s start!
2. Today we’ll have an unusual lesson. There are some quests in our classroom. We are glad to see them.
3. We are going to talk about English and American writers about the famous American writer O’Henry
and his story “The last leaf”.
II Фонетическая зарядка: Before speaking about authors, look at blackboard! Let’s read one poem about
Books are full of many thins
That I would like to know.
Book are full of greats men
That lived long, long ago.
Books are full of countries
That I would like to see.
Books are full of people
That I would like to be.
Let’s read all together at first. And now line by line. Thinks about now to translate it. Good, I like it.
III Предъявление текста биографии писателя.
Now, look at the screen. You know many English and American writes. They are: Mark Twain, Agatha
Christi, Jack London and O’Henri. (слайды № 2-№ 10)
This is a portray of O’Henri (слайд № 10)
Let’s read and listen the biography, of O’Henry. (слайд № 11)
What do you remember from his biography? (слайд №12-№16).
IV Работа над текстом. Контроль домашнего чтения.
Today you have read one of the most famous story by O’Henry “The last leaf”. Open your books at p. 254
and look at the blackboard. Match the words in Column A with the phrases in Column B that describes
1) 1. Greenwich village A an opportunity
2. pneumonia B a part of New York, where painters live
3.a chance C alone
4. ice D a bad sickness
5. a master pies E cold (very cold)
6. lonely F a works of art
2) What is the Russia for:
Художник (painter), умирать (to die), больной (sick), болезнь (sickness), незнакомец, чужак
(stranger), бесполезно (useless), падать (fall), считать (count).
3) Now answer my question:
- What is the title of the story?
- Name the characters of the story: ( Johsy, Sue, Behrman and the doctor).
- Who were Johsy and Sue? Were they friends?
- Find sentences that say that they were real friends/
- Now old was Behrman?
- What did he believe? Did he believe about to do anything to help Johnsy and Sue?
- What did he do?( He painted the last leaf on the wall).
4) Now let’s work in groups.
Three groups. The task is “Match the names of the main characters and their actions!” ( в группах)
1 гр. – Johnsy
2 гр. - Sue
3 гр. - Behrman
все doctor.
Let’s check! Listen carefully and correct!
5) Now let’s work in pairs!
What is missing? Let’s check!
6) Обсуждение и высказывание своего мнения.
Now, I see, that you know the text very good.
What can you tell about this story?
Do you like it or dislike? Look at the screen again and say! (Слайд №18)
V Заключительный этап урока. Выставление оценок.
H/t 1) to illustrate a moment from the text
2) to write an essue about this text (10-12 sent)
or to write another ending.
Sue 1) tried to keep patients and even sing.
2) was busy ( went to sick people)
3) was a painter who lived on the first floor on they house.
4) is always wanted to go to Haly and paint a pictuve of the Bay of Naples.
5) was looking out the window and counting the leaves falling from the tree
Johnsy 6) had always tacked of painting a great picture, a masterpiece.
7) made for sick people all the could.
8) was king for the sick friend.
9) visited sick people.
10) understood, that it is so wrong to wont to bie.
11) said, that the chances are good.
12) had to paint to buy something to eat to make the friend strong.
Behrman 13) had been drinking.
14) became a pneumonia.
15) lay in her room, very thin and very quiet.
16) worked through most of the night.
17) painted his last masterpiece.
Doctor 18) wanted to see the last leaf fall.
19) his clothes were wet and as cold as ice.
20) takes care of her friend.
21) died from pneumonia in the hospital.
What is missing?
1. Sue and Johnsy lived ………of a building with three floors.
2. A cold stranger entered……….. .that winter. He was a bad sickness. Doctors called him……….
3. “ Now there are four. I want to see…………. One fall before night. Then I’ll ……… too.”
4. Old Behrman was a ……….. who lived one the……….. floor of they house.
5. “I’ve been a bad girl, Sue,- said Johnsy. “Something has made that……. stay there to show me how
bad I was. It is wrong to …. to…..”.
6. “Oh, my dear, it is Behrman’s great masterpiece – he painted it there the nigh that the last leaf fell”.