Конспект урока "Ecological problems. Degrees of comparison of adjectives. Lexica-grammatical exercises" 11 класс

Plan of the lesson
Date: 15
of February
Group: SMS-912
Theme of the lesson: Ecological problems. Degrees of comparison of adjectives.
Lexica-grammatical exercises.
Aims of the lesson:
1. educational: presentation of the new grammar materials, to teach students use Degrees of
comparison of adjectives;
2.developing: to develop speech of the students with using new words, to make the students’
learn how to solve the problems locally and globally, to enrich the students’ knowledges with
new facts;
3.educative: to tell about ecological problems.
Types of the lesson: practical
Methods and methodical receptions of training: discussion
Visual aids and technical equipment of learning: grammar table, interactive board, cards,
pictures, slides, the map of Kazakhstan.
Course of the lesson
I. Organization moment
- Good-morning, students
- I’m glad to see you, sit down, please
- What date is it today?
- What day of the week is it today?
- What month is it now?
- What season is it now?
- Do you like this season? Why?
- Well, let’s talk about the weather
- What’s the weather like today?
- Is it sunny today?
- Ok. Let’s start our lesson.
II. Checking up home task
Let’s check up your home task. What was your home task for today? Are you ready? I
give you 5-10 minutes to repeat your h/t. Your home task was read and translate the text.
Open your copy-books.
III. Presentation of the new grammar materials
Degrees of comparison of adjectives.
Прилагательное часть речи, выражающая качество или свойство предмета (явления,
лица). В английском языке прилагательные не изменяются ни по числам, ни по падежам,
ни по родам и переводятся в соответствии с родом, числом и падежом существительного,
к которому относятся:
a young man молодой человек,
a young woman молодая женщина,