Конспект урока "The articles" 8 класс

Lesson plan
Lesson:English Lesson
Date: 20.01.2017
Lexical theme: The articles
Grammar theme:The Geographical position of the USA
Equipment: blackboard,picture,chalk,map.
Aims:оқушылардың өзге мемлекеттер туралы алған білімдеріне жалпы шолу
жасау,қайталау жұмыстарын жүргізу
The Procedure of the lesson
I.Org .moment
a)Greeting(2 minutes)
T:Good morning,children!
P:Good morning,teacher!
T:How are you?
P:We are fine!
b)Dialogue with the students, who is on duty(3 minutes)
T:Who is on duty today?
P:I am on duty today
T:Who is absent?
P:All are present
T:What date is it today?
T:What day is it today?
P:Today is Friday
T:Good job! Thank you, sit down ,please!
Checking up home task
T:What was your home task?
P:Our home task was Ex 4,5,1,2 at page 112-113
Presentation of lesson materials.
Today we will learn about The geographical position of the USA.What do you
know about the USA?
Who discovered America?When?
Where was Columbus born?
What do you know about his relatives?
The USA is the fourth largest country after Russia, China ,Canada
CША 4-Я по величине страна после России Китая и Канады
Справочная информация
Territory more that 9 million square km
Languages -English, Spain, German, Italian
Capital -Washington
Largest cities Los Angeles, Chicago, Holliwood, Philadelfia, New York
The Flag of The USA called stars and stripes. There are three colors in the flag-
red, blue, and white. Americans are proud their flag and display in it in many
Proud- мақтанады .display көрсетеді.
Head of the State is the President, who is elected every four years.
Elected- сайланады.
The United States consists of 50 states. Each state has a capital, which is the center
of the state government.
Consist- тұрады,составляет
There are 50 states. Alaska and Hawaii are not connected to the other states.
Connect соединятся-қосылу,бірігу.
Who discovered America?
The answer is: nobody knows.
In 1492 three ships- the "Santa Maria”, the "Pinta”, the "Nine” under Columbus
landed the continent.
Landed высаживаться на берег
In 1507 AmeriсaVespucci explored the area of South America and introduced a
new land to the world. This continent was called after him - "America”.
Explore- исследовать -зерттеу
introdused- представлять / знакомить –таныстыру
Washington DC (District of Columbia) is the capital of the country and the seat of
the government. It was named honour the first President George Washington.
honour- честь The United States is a democratic federal republic. It comprises 50
states including the District of Columbia, where the capital of the country is
Comprice- охватывать
We are very tired? Let’s do the morning exercises.
1. Stand up and have a rest
It is washed by the Pacific Ocean in the west and the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf
of Mexico in the east.
It is a very large country, so the climate is different from state to state. It is mostly
temperate but tropical in Hawaii and Florida, and arctic in Alaska.
Mostly главным образом
Pathific ocean Тихий океан west -запад
Gulf Mexico Мексиканский залив east- восток
It is situated in the central part of the North American Continent. It also includes
Alaska and Hawaii. The USA borders on Canada in the north and on Mexico on
the south. The total area of the country is more than nine million square
border –шекараласу, north солтүстікү south –онтустік.The most important
rivers in the USA are the Mississippi, the Colorado, the Ohio and the Hudson
River. The main mountain chains are the Cordillera in the west and the
Appalachian Mountains in the east.
The Great Lakes on the border with Canada are the largest and the deepest in the
Important- главная
chains- тянутся цепочкой
border шекараласу
deep -терең
Natural resources include nickel, gold, silver, sink, lead, iron, petroleum, natural
gas and others.
Lead- свинец,iron –темір, petroleum- мұңай
The USA produces more than 52 percent of the word's corn, wheat, cotton and
The people of America are a mixture of many different nationalities
corn –дән, wheat –бидай, cotton –хлопок,mixture смесь
The conclusion.
"What I know about the USA ?
Where is the USA situated?
What countries does ir border on?
Home task: Open your diaries write down your home task Ex 4,3 at page 116
РефлексияT:Today you worked hard. I hope you have much information about this
theme. The lesson is over, good bye girls and boys,you are free.