Конспект урока "Is TV good or bаd?" 8 класс

Тема урока: « Is TV good or bаd? » ( 8 класс, УМК Биболетова М.З. «
Английский с удовольствием»
Цель урока: Закрепление навыков монологической и
диалогической речи.
Задачи урока:1.Обучающие:
1.Активизация лексического и грамматического
запаса по теме.
2. Учить извлекать информацию из текста.
3.Учить строить аргументированные высказыва-
1.Развивать навык чтения с общим охватом со-
2.Развивать языковую догадку.
1.Учить критически относиться к программам,
предлагаемым телевизионными каналами.
2.Учить вести дискуссию.
3.Развивать активную жизненную позицию
Ход урока
1. Организационный момент.
What date is it today?
Who is absent today?
What is the weather like today?
During several lessons we spoke about Mass Media. And we have decided that TV
is one of the most important Mass Media. We can hardly imagine our life without
2. Warm up.
I think we know much about television. And if it is so, prove it answering my
questions: 1.How many television channels do you receive in your town?
2. What is your favourite channel?
3. Are you a great TV-viewer?
4. How often do you watch TV?
5. When do you usually watch TV?
6. What are your favourite programmes?
7. What do you think of TV programmes, Ann?
8. What do you usually watch on TV, Angelina?
9. What about you Nick?
3.Объяснение темы урока
You can see that your opinions are different, that is why the theme of our lesson
“Is TV good or bad?”
The aim of our lesson is to discuss, to understand and to explain the advantages
and disadvantages of TV.
4.Активизация лексики по теме.
You have a lot of favourite programmes. So the first task is to match each type of
programme on the right with the correct item on the left.
- Let’s check your answers.
Speaking about television you have learned a lot of new words and expressions.
Lets read the passage about television and complete it the words from the box.
- Ready? Let‘s check your answers.
5.Аудирование по теме.
Children, do you often argue with your parents about witch programme to watch?
Now listen to the dialogue “What’s on the box?”
The members of this family often argue about which programme to watch.
Before you start listening, read the statements through to yourselves. And be ready
to decide if they are true or false.
Физ. минутка.
Now, let’s talk about people working on TV.
1. What are the professions of the people in television?
2. What is necessary to be a good announce newsreader or a presenter?
(Good appearance, intelligence, good memory, the right kind of voice, the ability
to hold oneself at case before the camera).
6.Проверка домашнего задания.
Well, your homework was to prepare different kinds of TV programmes for our
school television.
- What have you prepared?
A) Newsreaders: Kosenko M.
Gralnik M.
B) A presenter: Pechonkina A.
Serdukov O.
C) A quiz master: Churikova V.
Good of you! Well done!
Whenever and wherever something important happens, journalists and
photographers are reporting on the events and taking pictures. These people often
put themselves in dangerous situations. Some may be seriously hurt or even killed
because of their efforts.
7.Развитие навыка чтения с общим охватом содержания.
Now I want you to know about a person who often puts himself in dangerous
Open your books on page 74, exercise 61.Read the text about a well known
Russian reporter Artyom Borovik to yourselves. Say what new facts you have
learned about him and his job.
8.Обсуждение результатов работы.
We have learned much about TV. Now give your opinions about television. Try to
use all words and phrases we have learned.
So what are the advantages of TV?
Now tell me the disadvantages of it?
Summing up, I want to say that we have a lot of TV programmes made in good
taste and with great professional skill. It’s only necessary to control how much
television you watch and use it intelligently.
By and large, I’ve enjoyed your answers.
9.Выставление оценок.
So your marks for today’s lesson are…
10.Домащнее задание.
Homework: to write an essay” Is TV your friend or your enemy? “
(100-150 words).