Конспект урока английского языка "Спорт. Досуг" 10 класс

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металлургическое училище»
Конспект урока английского языка
«Спорт. Досуг»
10 класс (I курс)
Учитель английского языка
Кореева Вита Александровна
2017-2018 учебный год
1. Upstream - Virginia Evans, Jenny Dooley [Express Publishing]
Pre-Intermediate B1
Sport. Pleasure.
Objectives: to present and practice word building, to revise and enrich
vocabulary on the topic “Sport. Pleasure”, to practise students’
reading and speaking skills.
Epigraph: “Serious sport is war minus shooting” (George Orwell)
I. Warm up
Make up a poem.
Sport is very cool.
People think it is good.
Only swimming pool.
Really raises mood.
Try to do it..
II. Main part
Reading and Speaking
Read the dialogue “Do you play any games?”
Answer the questions to this dialogue
Read and pronounce sport words correctly and match these sports with
the pictures/
Vocabulary. Speaking.
Work in pairs. Copy the network below and classify these sports into
four columns water sport, adventure sports, ball games and other
Word building.
Give corresponding nouns to the following verbs and translate them into
Give ing endings to the following verbs and translate them into
Make up nouns by adding suffix ship to the following words. Translate
Rule “Go. Play. Do”
Using poster the pupils must understand it and have practice on p.3.
If you speak about sports ending in ing GO
If you speak about ball games PLAY
If you speak about other sports DO
Learn the new words and remember how to use them
Translate the words given in brackets into English
Mini test “Find the right sport sign”(underline the right sign to
sport meaning)
Mini test “Are you a sporty person?”(if we have the free time)
III. Homework.
Write the essay about your favourite kind of sport.