Презентация "What do you know about the USA?" 9 класс

Подписи к слайдам:
What do you know about the USA? a) Christopher Columbus b) George Washington c) The pilgrims
  • Who discovered America?
2. America was discovered in …?
  • a) 1402
  • b) 1392
  • c) 1492
a) Abraham Lincoln b) George Washington c) Franklin D. Roosevelt

3.Who was the first president of the USA?

a) The rose b) The bald eagle c) The shamrock

4.What is the national symbol of America?

a) New York City b) Los Angeles c) Washington, D.S.

5.Which is the capital of the United States?

a) New York b) Massachusetts c) California

6.Where is the Statue of Liberty?

7. The flag of the USA called:
  • a) Stars
  • b) Union Jack
  • c) The Stars and
  • the Stripes
a) thirteen stripes b) thirty stripes c) fifty stripes

8. The American flag has:

a) New York City b) Chicago c) San Fransicso

9. Where is the tallest building (skyscraper) in the world?

a) July 4 b) December 25 c) February 14

10.When do Americans celebrate Independence Day?

a) football b) soccer c) baseball

11.What is the national sport in America?

a) Yury Gagarin b) John Glenn c) Neil Armstrong

12. Who was the first man on the moon?