Презентация "We will tell you about our favourite holiday dishes" 7 класс

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We will tell you about our favourite We will tell you about our favourite holiday dishes Happy New Year!
  • - Have you laid the table?
  • - Yes, sure. We have done a lot of salads, roasted a chicken. Besides we have a lot of sweets, tangerines and lemonade!
Shrovetide! - - Oh, I have eaten so many pancakes! – So do I! I like pancakes with jam! – I prefer pancakes with cottage cheese and sour cream! Easter!
  • We will say: "Christ is risen!“
  • We will dye eggs, bake kulich (Russian Easter bread) and make paskha (a dish made from cottage cheese and other ingredients, usually formed into the shape of a pyramid)
Birthday! This is our favourite holiday! In Russia we have a party to celebrate birthdays. Everyone brings gifts. My Mum always makes me a birthday cake. We have a table full of food - sandwiches, cakes, sweets, biscuits, and ice-cream.   Birthday! We decorate the house with balloons; we play party games and sing songs. We usually sing “Happy birthday” and a Russian song that says that it’s so pity that we have birthday only once a year!   Junk Food! We also like to eat fast food though it’s not healthy! Sometimes I eat a packet of chips, a Mars bar and yoghurt for my dinner. I have a glass of orange juice or a coke.