Конспект урока "Ты уже принял решение? Грамматические упражнения" 9 класс

9 класс III четверть
Урок 14.
Тема: Ты уже принял решение? Грамматические упражнения
1. Оргмомент
What is your favourite teacher at school?
What subject are you good at?
What subject are you hopeless at?
2. Проверка Д.З. Упр. 5стр.125
3. Ознакомление с новым материалом – правило стр. 127, стр.205
advice советует (advised)
tell велит, говорит (told)
recommend рекомендует( recommended)
ask просит (asked)
4. Упр. 1 стр. 126 – чтение и разбор
5. Выполнение письменно – упр. 2) СТР.127
6. Упр. 2 1) – стр.127-128 чтение и перевод
7. Упр. 2.2) стр.128 - устно
Используя текст упражнения 2.1), учащиеся заполняют пропуски в
упражнении, трансформируя глаголы из повелительного наклонения в
Ключи: Teachers advise their pupils to remember about compulsory
subjects. They recommend teenagers to make a list of skills they have, to
match their interests with subjects they can study and to get key skills
that will help in any work. Parents recommend their children to find
which qualifications they need and to get information about different courses.
Parents often advise their children not to panic and tell them to
find more information. Teachers advise teens not to be afraid of making
decisions but to think of all the opportunities and to see what they really
want, besides they recommend teens to discuss their choices with their
8. Упр. 2.4) стр.128
Рекомендуется выполнить упражнение 1 из Рабочей тетради
Ключи к упражнению 1 из Рабочей тетради (глаголы, вводящие
косвенную речь, могут варьироваться): 1) They warn parents not
to give advice that their teenager does not need. 2) They recommend
parents to provide the teenager with respect and support while giving
up some of their control. 3) They advise parents to help their child to
develop decision-making and problem-solving skills. 4) They recommend
parents to prepare the teenager to take (for taking) care of himself or
herself away from home. 5) Teachers advise parents to teach a teenager
to cook and to manage a budget. 6) Psychologists advise parents not