Презентация "School life in English - speaking countries" 7 класс

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School life in



Ex. 46 p. 71

иметь интересные школьные традиции

бояться некоторых учителей

зависеть от настроения учителей

готовиться ко взрослой жизни

школа не имеет ничего общего с реальной жизнью

изучать интересные предметы

вставать рано утром каждый день

развивать умственные способности

иметь слишком много дополнительных предметов

to prepare for adult life

to be afraid of some teachers

to have interesting school traditions

to depend on teachers’ mood

school has nothing to do with real life

to study interesting subjects

to get up early in the morning every day

to develop your mind

to have too many extra subjects

School days The happiest days of your school life (as all the grown-ups say) But I would never go to school If I could have my way…

My pencil point is broken

My pen’s run out of ink

My head’s just filled with sawdust

And with sawdust you can’t think!

Are school days the happiest days

of your life?

School days are the happiest days of my life


I enjoy school life because…

I don’t like/hate school because…

I would never go to school if I could because…

to study – to spend time in

learning, to examine carefully

to learn - to gain


of a subject,

to memorise

to learn by heart

to learn the poem

to learn new words

to learn grammar rules

to study the map

to study to be a doctor

to study foreign languages

to study abroad

Answer the questions: (after listening)

1. At what age do children start primary school?

2. What first foreign language is studied in British schools ?

4. Is Russian taught in many schools?

5. Where do his children learn Russian?

3. What other foreign languages are studied in British schools?

6. What subject does he teach now?

Perfect School

In your life




The ideas of perfect school (in children’s thoughts):

strict discipline

long breaks

no school uniform

no boring subjects

not very severe punishments

to prepare for real life

compulsory school

brightly decorated

democratic rules

school newspaper

school radio

students concerts

no special haircuts

no tests

Art and Drama are useless

talk freely about problems

Speak about perfect school of the teens.

Use the given phrases.

What point of view do you like most of all?


for you?

Home task: make a presentation about your perfect school. You may work in pairs. Discuss:

- building

- timetable

- school activities

- student-teacher relations

- school uniform

- school rules