Презентация "People's appearance" 5 класс

Подписи к слайдам:
  • Hair: fair, curly, long, a fringe, a pony-tail, chestnut
  • Nose: hook, snub
  • Weight: overweight, slim, fat
  • Age: teenager, middle-aged, young
  • Height: short, tall
  • Other details: a scar, a beard, a birth-mark, wrinkles, freckles, a moustache, pimples, a dark complexion
  • General appearance: ugly, handsome, plain, good-looking, beautiful
Match the sentences to the pictures
  • He has a dark complexion, dark hair and a scar on his face.
  • He is young with dark short hair and brown eyes. He is rather handsome.
  • These are middle-aged men. They are plain and unattractive.
  • She’s young and beautiful with fair hair. Her smile is charming.
  • She is smiling. She has blond hair and a small birth-mark above her lips.







Finish the sentences
    • This man is only 1 metre 52. He’s quite … .
    • Every morning she makes her hair into a … .
    • Models are usually … and … .
    • Her skin is not light, she has dark … .
    • After a car crash Michael has a … on his face.
    • He’s from Africa, he’s got … hair.
    • Fat people usually have a huge stomach and a … chin.
    • Teenagers often have … on their faces.
    • John is proud of his wonderful … , he cares about it a lot: cut and brush it every morning.
    • She has a small … nose, like a knob.
What of appearance is described in the police report?
  • sex (female/male)
  • age
  • height
  • build
  • hair (if it’s possible)
  • eyes (if it’s possible)
  • clothes