Тест "Окружающая среда" 7 класс

Name_____________________ Date____________________
You will hear five different speakers answering the question ‘Do we recycle enough?’.
Choose from the list A-E what their opinions are. Use the letters only once. There is one extra letter, which you do not need to use
SPEAKER 1 ___ A. Thinks that factories must also do something about pollution.
SPEAKER 2 ___ B. Thinks that it is necessary to have extra rubbish bins where possible.
SPEAKER 3 ___ C. Thinks that people who pollute should pay money.
SPEAKER 4 ___ D. Thinks that recycling can bring you extra money.
SPEAKER 5 ___ E. Thinks that recycling is very expensive.
F. Thinks that recycling is quite simple for anyone who thinks about
1. Read the text
RSPCA stands for the Royal Society for the Prevention (предотвращение) of Cruelty (жестокость) to Animals. It began in
1822 with the Animal Protection Act, which made cruelty to cows, horses and sheep illegal (незаконный). It is the oldest animal
welfare (благоденствие) organization in the world. In 1840, Queen Victoria gave her permission (разрешение) for the organization
to be called the RSPCA.
The RSPCA has got 328 inspectors. They investigate (расследуют) cases of cruelty to animals, collect money, pay visits to
schools and other places and rescue thousands of animals every year.
There are also RSPCA hospitals and clinics. They treat (лечат, излечивают) over 270,000 animals every year, including wild
animals. The RSPCA helps to find homes for over 80,000 animals a year! The RSPCA encourages (поощряет) pet owners to take
proper care of their animals. It also works to protect farm and wild animals that are used for research (исследования, опыты).
You can phone the RSPCA at any time, day or night, about an animal that is injured (быть раненым) or treated cruelly. The
RSPCA is a charity and is always working to raise money to help animals in need. Animal lovers can help by becoming volunteers
(доброволец), or simply by making sure all the animals around them are safe, happy and healthy.
2. Answer the questions in one word or in one phrase
1). With what did the RSPCA begin?
2). Who gave the permission for the organization to be called the RSPCA?
3). How do the inspectors work with people?
4). How does the RSPCA work with pet owners?
5). At what time can you phone the RSPCA?
1. Every day the Stewards write messages to each other and stick them on the fridge.
What do the Stewards want each other to do?
1). Mum/take Paige to the dentist/Steve
2). Dad/get his shirts from the laundry/Tracy
3). Steve/return his books to the school library/Tracy
4). Tracy/take out the litter/Steve
5). Mum/go shopping/Tracy
2. Fill in the sentences with the correct forms of the verbs (active or passive)
1). When we (pollute) the air, the climate (change).
2). Nature (damage) when people (throw) away plastic bottles.
3). Animals (hurt) when we (leave) litter in the forest.
4). When trees (break), birds (disturb).
5). When litter (throw) in the river, water pollution (cause).
Read the extract below and think of the word which best fits each space. Use only one word in each space
A lot of Americans say that they voluntarily recycled newspapers, glass, aluminum cans, (1) _____ bottles and containers in
recent years. The Procter & Gamble Company has begun putting its (2) _____ in bottles made of recycled plastics. McDonald’s
recycles plastic (3) _____ for food. Recyclers usually buy products which they can reuse or (4) _____ . They usually (5) _____ cloth
towels and napkins.