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Do you know Britain?




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Quiz 1. What is the capital of Great Britain? 2. What river is London situated on? 3. What islands form a group of the British Isles? 4. What is the anthem of the country? 5. What is the official name of Great Britain? 6. What is the UK bounded by? 7. How many parts does Great Britain consist of? What are they? 8. What is the capital of Wales? 9. What is the highest mountain in Great Britain? 10. What is the longest river in Great Britain? 11. What is the flower symbol of Wales? 11. What is the flower symbol of Wales? 12. What is the flower symbol of England? 13. How many parts does London consist of? What are they? 14. What is a famous stadium in England where football matches take place? 15. What is a popular name of the London Underground? 16. What is the name of a lake in Scotland in which a mysterious monster lives? 17.What is the political center of London? ( Westminster) 18. What English cities are famous for their universities? 19. What are the main colours of the Union Flag? 20. Who was called “An Iron Lady?” Who? What? Where? Identify these famous British people, events and places.

He and his “merry men” lived in Sherwood Forest.

His monument stands in the center of Trafalgar Square.

Here many famous Englishmen are buried.

The Crown Jewels are kept here.

An ideal place for sun-worshippers.

He wanted to blow up the Houses of Parliament.

A famous picture house in Trafalgar Square.

365 feet high and built by Christopher Wren.

This lady was the queen of Great Britain in 1837-1911.

The English author known as the Queen of Crime.

The name Julius Caesar gave to Great Britain.

Monument, square, place, capital, queen, bridge, build, tall, palace, tourist

Make sentences using these words and write down as many sentences as you can on the topic «Great Britain».

Unscramble these cities or places. t i n B a i r 1 _ _ _ _ _ _ e r v e S n _ _ _ _ _ 5 r c a n e t M e h s _ _ _ _ 3_ _ _ _ _ n P i r a t a m e l _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 2 _ _ g a l G w o s _ _ _ 7_ _ _ m e r s W e t n i s t _ _ _ 8 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ l t a S d o c n _ _ 4 _ _ _ _ _ n a r d I l e _ _ 4 _ _ _ _ Make up as many words as you can from this word combination Parliament Square Congratulations to the winners!!! Congratulations to the winners!!!