Презентация "Going shopping" 5 класс скачать бесплатно

Презентация "Going shopping" 5 класс

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Going shopping

Going shopping

Practice your grammar skills

Fill in the gaps with a/an and the

  • I want to buy __ new pair of shoes.
  • I like to go shopping at ____ weekend.
  • I am going to the chemist`s on ____ fifth floor.
  • I have ___ apple every day.

In the toy shop «Hamleys» -1 Basement

0- Ground floor 1st First floor

5th Fifth floor

Read the text and write (true or false)

  • 1. It will be Father`s birthday.
  • 2. Kate, her Father and brother will go shopping tomorrow.
  • 3. They will buy a bag of sweets, a cake, some slices of meat, a kilo of tomatoes.
  • 4. They will buy a nice dress for Mother.
  • 5. Mother will lay the table.
  • 6. Mother will be happy.

My Mother`s Birthday

My name is Kate. Tomorrow it will be my Mother`s birthday. My brother and me will go shopping with our Father. We`ll buy a box of sweets, a cake, some slices of meat, two kilos of apples and a kilo of tomatoes.

Then we`ll go to buy a nice scarf for Mother. She would like to have a white one. And we shall buy flowers for her.

Tomorrow we`ll lay the table. Father will help us. Then we`ll make our kitchen clean and bright. We would like our Mother to be happy!

You should write what shop is this:

In this shop there are a lot of tulips, roses, lilies. All women like this shop.

What shop is this? (_________)

When I was a little boy, (girl )I could not go past this shop. I wanted all toys were mine. What shop is it? (_________)

My grandma is ill and I need to buy some aspirin. What shop is it?(________)

My brother`s birthday will be tomorrow. I want to buy him a CD disk. (________)

This book is about animals. This one is about nature. This one is about seasons. This one is about plants. I want to read everything. (___________)