Презентация "Animal Planet" 5 класс

Подписи к слайдам:
Animal planet Write the words
  • [fɔks] _______________
  • ['dɔlfın] ______________
  • [dɔg] ________________
  • ['krɔkədaıl] ___________
  • [raı'nɔsərəs] __________
Find the mistakes
  • bufalo tigor
  • krokodile kat
  • elke mankey
  • Elephants lives in Africa.
  • You can meet tigers on forest.
  • Dolphin live in water.
Can / can’t
  • Zebra ___________ run.
  • Tiger ___________ jump.
  • Crocodile ____________ run fast.
  • Elephant ___________ climb the tree.
  • Wolf __________ hunt.
  • Fox _________ eat hedgehogs.
  • Penguins _________ fly.
  • Budgies ________ smile.
In a pet-shop
  • Key words:
  • one day – однажды
  • have to teach – должны научить
  • to return – возвращаться
  • a mirror – зеркало
  • is dead – умер
  • Really? – Действительно?
Answer to the questions
  • 1.What animal was bought by the man?
  • a) a dog c) a fish
  • b) a monkey d) a parrot
  • 2. When did the man return to the pet shop?
  • a) in a week c) he didn’t return
  • b) in 2 weeks d) next day
  • 3. What did the man buy?
  • a) a mirror c) a cage
  • b) a table d) other parrot
  • 4. Why did the parrot dead?
  • a) it was ill c) it was hungry
  • b) it couldn’t speak d) it felt boring
    • Tigers are wild animals. Tigers live in Asia, primarily in forests (some tigers live in areas with tall grasses, areas where they can hide while hunting).
    • White tigers (mutated Bengal tigers from India; they are not albinos) are white with dark brown or deep maroon stripes, pink noses, and blue eyes.
    • Black tigers (extremely rare) have orange to yellow fur with black stripes. Tigers are meat eaters (carnivores). Their prey includes small - to medium-sized mammals (like badgers, rabbits, boars), ranging in size from 60 to 2,000 pounds. The usual method of killing is to ambush the animal from behind and bite its neck; this usually breaks the prey's spinal cord, killing it.
    • Tigers can eat as much as 40 pounds of meat in one sitting. They can go for days at a time without eating. Tigers are very good swimmers and like the water, unlike most cats.
True or false
  • 1. Tigers are wild animals.
True or false
  • 2. Tigers live in India, in steppes.
True or false
  • 3. Tigers can’t eat as much as 40 pounds of meat in one sitting.
True or false
  • 4. Tigers are very good swimmers and they like the water
True or false
  • 5. All of the cats like water.
Home task
  • Write a funny story about your favourite animal (7 – 10 sentences).
  • Thank you for the lesson!
  • Good luck!