Презентация "London Zoo. Why Do People Need Zoos?" 6 класс

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Урок по английскому языку теме «London Zoo. Why Do People Need Zoos?»
  • Разработка урока в 6 классе.
  • Круглова Ю.Ю.,
  • учитель английского языка, МБОУ СОШ №4, г.Урай
Цель урока:
  • Осмысление нужности существования зоопарков.
  • Развивать умение говорения учащихся на уровне подготовленного монологического высказывания по теме «Animals of Regent’s Park Zoo»;
  • Развивать у учащихся умение говорения на уровне неподготовленного высказывания в рамках предложения;
  • Формировать умение делать проекты;
  • Привлечь внимание к окружающей действительности, в частности, к зоопаркам;
  • Воспитывать у учащихся умение коллективной творческой работы;
  • Развивать культуру публичного выступления;
  • Способствовать развитию познавательного интереса, расширять страноведческие знания, лучше осознавать явления окружающей действительности.
My Dream (Gillian Brown)
  • I love all kinds of animals
  • Dogs and cats and rabbits.
  • I love all kinds of animals,
  • Despite their little habits.
  • If I had tons of money, D’you know what I would do? I would buy lots of animals And have my own zoo.
  • But they wouldn’t be in cages,
  • They would be free to run around.
  • And there’s one thing they would feel
  • And that is save and sound.
Be careful what you say or when you visit the animals in the zoo. - Why should people be careful? Let us have a guessing game.
  • The task is to name the animal described by your classmate.
  • Are you ready?
  • Can we start?
  • Please, be very attentive, we shall check your answers on the screen.
a crocodile
  • a bear
a fox
  • a monkey
a whale
  • an elephant
a kangaroo Thank you. Good work.
  • You know the animals very well and we can speak about them for a long time.
  • They live all around us, but if you want to see exotic animals you should go to the zoo.
  • There are many zoos in the world, but we shall speak about London Zoo today.
Imagine yourselves in London. London Zoo
  • 1826 – The Zoological Society of London was founded.
  • 1828 – A collection of animals was opened in Regent’s Park.
  • 1830 – The collection of animals was greatly enlarged with the addition of royal menagerie from Windsor and the animals from the Tower of London.
  • 1839 – The first giraffes appeared in the Zoo.
  • 1850 – In this year the Tsar of Russia presented two bison to the Zoo.
  • 1874 – In this year the first baby hippopotamus was reared.
  • 1880 – In this year the first koala bear arrived to live outside Australia.
Now it is time to speak about animals that you take care of. Let us play a game.
  • You mill be my animals and I will be your trainer.
  • You should do everything I tell you to do.
  • Are you ready?
  • We start.
Stand up!
  • Stand up!
  • Run!
  • Jump!
  • Fly!
  • Swim!
  • Sing a song!
Please sing a song.
  • A dog, a cat, a rabbit. (3 times)
  • Сan run and jump and skip.
  • A cat and a rabbit, a cat and a rabbit can
  • run and jump and skip. (2 times)
Why do people need Zoos? What is good about them?
  • Let’s run to our topic. We were speaking about animals in Regent’s Park. There are many exotic animals there. Thousands of visitors come to the Zoo every week.