Презентация "Wellness Lifestyle" 9 класс

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Wellness Lifestyle Sayings
  • Active life makes you feel happy.
  • Health is a gift of fate and it deserves our full attention.
  • A person who has a wellness lifestyle can make right decisions.
  • Wellness means more than physical health.
  • Wellness is a Journey which begins at the moment of our birth.
  • The quality of man’s life depends on his lifestyle.
  • Wellness is a particular way to live and to be happy
  • is freedom from disease
  • is a perfect physical development of a person
  • is a healthy lifestyle
  • is a quality of our private life
  • is a common concern for human worth
  • is building relationships with other people
  • is dealing constructively with feelings and handling your problems
  • is keeping life in balance
  • is the way to adjust to environment
  • is financial independence.
What spheres of human life does wellness deal with? “Wellness” and “Health”
  • physical health
  • mental health
  • social health
  • is a condition of your body
  • is the way you feel about yourself and how you handle your problems
  • is the way you build your relationships and establish contacts with people
The quality of life circle
  • Genes and Body Makeup (16%) are what we inherit from our parents (Things beyond my control).
  • Environment (21%) is what surrounds us (Me + family, community, nation).
  • Health Care System (10%) is what helps us improve health (Me + doctor and hospital).
  • Lifestyle (53%) is the number of things I can do for myself (Things I can do for myself).
Ingredients of a quality life
  • Having positive self-image;
  • Getting along with people;
  • Setting and reaching goals;
  • Planning my time and day;
  • Exercising and sport activities;
  • Choosing healthy nutrition for good health;
  • Participating in lifetime activities according to my inclinations and likings;
  • Learning about harmful effect of drugs, alcohol, tobacco.
  • Wellness
  • Physical and Social
  • Depends, Is Controlled, Should be Balanced I wish you were
  • My lifestyle