Конспект урока "My kitchen" 5 класс

Данный урок проводился в 5 классе по теме «Дом». На уроке отрабатывалась
структура there is \there are в контексте данной лексики. В течение всего
урока учащиеся выставляли себе и другу оценки ( балл) за выполненную
работу на каждом этапе урока. Форматированное оценивание (приложение 2
) используемое на уроке, мотивировало детей быть более собранными,
внимательными и самокритичными. Урок был закончен рисование
смайликов на флипчарте. Использование флипчартов на уроке позволило
разнообразить работу на уроке и очень заинтересовало детей.
The theme: My kitchen The form: 5
The aims:
1.To teach to know different words and word combinations of describing their
own house and rooms,
2. To train in using construction there is\are in the theme; to study the new words
and practice them in speech.
3.To develop pupils ability in working in pairs and individually,to develop pupils
skills and habits in understanding , reading and oral speech.
Methods: Complex work, individual work, question-answer, reading, speaking.
The type of the lesson: presentation
Equipment: interactive board, cards,a blackboard, set of pictures.
Procerdure of the lesson
I. Organization moment: T: Good morning Children!
Ch: Good morning ,good morning
Good morning to you
Good morning teacher
We are glad to see you!
T:How are you?
Ch: we are fine thank you
Look at the screen and learn the poem.
II.Phonetic drill: (slide 1)
1.There is a mouse in the house
There is a cat in the flat
There is a fox in the box
There is a bee in the tree.
2.There them leather mother, gather
III.Checking up the words
T:Today we speak about a house. This is a Shrek’s house. (Slide2) Do you like this
Look at the screen. Do you like it? How many rooms in this house? What rooms?
Ch. There is a bedroom in the house……( Slide3)
T; look at the screen. Please help Shrek
1.fill the gaps ( slide 4_)
2. Find the mistakes. (slide_5)
3. Guess the room ( slide_6_)
1.In this room ther is a table and beds. We sleep in it. /bedroom/
2.In this room there is chairs, armchairs, a sofa, a television, and a
carpet./ living room/
3. There is a table, a computer an armchair and many books.We usually work in
this room.\study\
4. make sentences ( slide 7 )
IV.Introduction of new material
Teacher: Today we shall know many words which we use in the kitchen. Now we
must learn these words.
The new words on the theme (slide_8)
Now, pupils look at interactive board. Look at pictures,read and repeat after me the
new words.
a cooker
a dishwasher
a washing machine
a sink
a fridge
a cupboard
a plate
a cup
V. Grammar: Конструкция there is\ there are используется в тех случаях
когда мы хотим сказать, что что- то где- то находится. В ед.числе there is а во
мн.ч. there are.
There is a sink in the kitchen.
VI. Practice: fill in the necessary words:
1.Shrek fiona (slide_9) Make questions Is there a washing machine in my
2. read text ex. 4 p. 79 ( slide_10_)
3. I give you the cards and you please do this test and put marks .Приложение 1
VII. Home task: T: describe your room, learn by heart the new words.
VIII. Reflecton
Teacher: Today you were repeated the name of rooms. What new and interesting
material do you know now? What have you learnt today?
Pupils: a living room, a dinigroom,a bathroom, abedroom, a corridor,astudy,there
is , there are
IX. Evaluation
Teacher: Our today`s lesson is over. You all worked very well, thanks a lot .I`ll
give your marks. Good bye Children!
Приложение 1
1. There ___ some plants in the kitchen. A) is b) are
2. There _____ a fridge in the kitchen. A) is b) are
3. Are there ______ pictures on the wall? A) any b) some
4. Стиральная машина a) dishwasher b) washing machine.
5. Cups and plates in the _______ a) cupboard b) sink c) fridge
6. ____there ____ windows in the house? A) is \any b) are any
7. The cat sits on the ______ a)dishwasher b) sofa c) sink
8. Холодильник A) fridge b) sink c) cup
Приложение 2
Name _________________________
My friend