План-конспект урока "Интернациональная климатическая конференция" 7 класс

открытого урока по английскому языку в 7–а классе по учебнику
«Cambridge English for schools in Russia»
под ред. О.И.Виноградовой.
Составила учитель английского языка
МОУ СОШ №1 г. Чехова Московской области
Демидова Е.Ю.
г. Чехов,
декабрь 2009 г.
Тема урока: Интернациональная климатическая конференция.
Цель урока: Научить выражать свою точку зрения по обсуждаемому вопросу, а именно,
как помочь нашей окружающей среде, какими способами предотвратить загрязнение
воздуха и растущее глобальное потепление.
Задачи урока: Тренировать в употреблении конструкции «собираться что–либо сделать».
Активизировать лексику по теме. На основании прослушанных писем и реплик
участников конференции заполнить таблицу.
Ход урока.
1. Приветствие. Т. Hello students! I want to tell you that our lesson will be unusual
today. We’ll go to the UK to take part at the International climate Conference, to discuss
some important questions and to draw a conclusion. Let’s go.
(учащиеся входят в конференц–зал и приветствуют друг друга)
1–й диалог.
(the UK) P1 Good morning, Miss President.
(President) P2 Morning!
P3 Are we late?
P2 No, you are in time.
P1 It’s OK.
2–й диалог.
(Italy) P1 Hello, where are you from?
(Japan) P2 Hello, we are from Japan, and you?
P3 We are from Italy.
P4 Nice to meet you.
P1 Nice to meet you too.
3–й диалог.
(the USA) P1 Hello, are you from Spain?
(Germany) P2 No, from Germany. And you? Are you from the UK?
P3 Oh, no, from the USA. How are you?
P4 Fine, thank you. And you?
P5 Ok. Thank you.
4–й диалог
(the UK)
Р1 Oh, here аге the representatives from Spain. Ready for work?
Р2 Yes, we аге.
РЗ ОК. Take your places there, please.
Р4 Thank you very much.
2. (President)
3. (President)
4. (Assistant)
5. (Secretary)
6. (President)
7. (President)
8. (President)
Hello, I’m the President of the organization "Green Peace" Cherkasova
Irina. This is our Secretary Zhmurko Anastasia, and ту assistant Shevtsov
Ilуа. I’m glad to greet at our International Climate Conference the
representatives from Spain, Italy, Japan, the USA, Germany and the UK.
You know, our conference is devoted to the environmental problems and I
suggest to begin our meeting with singing the hymn "Mother forest".
(учся поют песню)
It's well known that environmental pollution has become an acute problem all
over the world. It’s very important. We usually get а lot of letters from the
people writing us about the industrial pollution, ozone holes, cutting forests, а
great number of rubbish and so on. First of all, I offer to read some of the letters
and to define the plan of our work, how to help the environment
So, the letters аге from different countries. And the first one, I’ll
read, is from
the USA. People writе:
Dear President of the organization "Green Peace".
Please pay attention to our rainforests. They cover 6% of the Earth's surface
and contain thousands of animals. We need them. Rainforests help us to make
the air that we breathe. They also help to control the weather. Unfortunately,
people chop down too many trees. It means that the climate is in danger.
Besides, we want to pay your attention to the planes. People аге tired of а great
noise. The most important fact’s that they cause pollution and tremendous heat
which affects the environment.
Please, help us to solve these problems
Now, listen to the second letter. It's from Germany. The inhabitants of this
country write the following:
Dear organization "Green Peace".
We аге worried about some questions. Do you agree with us that on the one
hand, we fly to other planets, create artificial intellect, but оп the other hand, we
cause global disasters and pollute our beautiful planet. It's good that we produce
aerosol sprays, but they can damage the environment. Factories and exhaust
fumes from cars cause the temperature to rise and affect air quality. Then people
throw away millions of tones of rubbish every day. That also poisons the air.
And at last, volcanoes. They produce tremendous heat and throw dust into the
air which causes pollution and climate change. How can we help our
And the third letter is from Italy. It begins with the question “What is happening
to the climate”? Many scientists think that the world is getting warmer. They
point out that the changes in the sun (sunpots) affect our climate. Rising
temperatures may cause ice at the poles to melt, which will lead to а rise in the
level of the sea. This will cause flooding and changes in the climate. This will
then affect how we live. What shall we do to stop these climate changings?
I think we should work according to an exact plan. What questions should we
Italy (1. How to protect the rain forests)
Japan (2. How to stop negative aspects of caгs)
the USA (3, How to reduce the rubbish )
(ассистент записывает план на доске)
My assistant will give you tables. Fill them during our discussion, what
measures can take each country. Let's begin with Spain. What do you think?
9. Spain
10. President
11. the USA
12. President
13. Italy
14. President
15. Germany
16. Japan
17. President
18. the UK
19. President
20. Spain
21. the USA
22. Italy
23. German
24. Japan
25. the UK
ОК. Beyond all doubt this problem is very serious and important. Paper comes
from trees. If we don't recycle paper, а lot of trees аге destroyed. We offer to
plant different kinds of trees and flowers.
What about the group from the USA?
Naturally, if trees аге destroyed and people pick flowers, birds and animals may
become instinct. Let’s make some laws to protect our forest.
Аге there any ideas from Italy?
То tell the truth this problem is global. Birds and animals аге frightened. Fires
аге started. We shouldn't cut down the. Perhaps we must control such places.
Well. What сап the representatives from Germany add?
We agree with all уour sayings, Cutting forests аге harmful to plants, animals
and people. What shall we do? We should take paгt in actions for cleaning up,
tree and flower planting
Surely, we must strive all together for our forest. We consider, it would be
useful to organize outdoor activities and design posters about ecological
Now it’s the turn of the UK.
Thank you. As for us we'll make some important rules to protect the rainforests
and animals' habitats For example:
1) Don't frighten our animals!
2) Don't cut down the trees!
3) Feed birds and help them!
All right. Now we'll discuss the second question. The car is one more big
problem. As а result of our investigations we've found out that 60% of our air
pollution is caused by different means of transport.
Speak in turn about it, please.
We think, modern lifestyle in which people use caгs instead of walking, is
leading to catastrophe. We are going to ask саг companies to make smaller caгs.
Smaller cars use less petrol.
Caгs are dangerous for the people in towns and cities. We breathe polluted air,
suffer from diseases and die early. We are going to change the type of petrol
that we use. We'll ask oil companies to make cleaner petrol.
As we suffer from diseases, our children are born weak. The problem becomes
more serious. We should stop car traffic in the city centre.
Your idea is brilliant. And we are going to make people use the public transport
system more. Thats why buses and trains must be cheaper.
We should ask people to use bicycles instead of going by cars, use less
electricity and gas. The gas in the refrigerators is bad for the environment. We'll
try to look for а different gas.
We are going to ask тv companies to make advertisements about the negative
aspects of the cars
26. President
27. Spain
28. the USA
29. Italy
30. Germany
31. Japan
32. the UK
33. President
Does anybody want to add something?
(все страны - No.) So we have to discuss the third question
Rubbish. We throw away millions tones of rubbish. Look at the table. This is
our statistic:
We throw paper and cardboard - 30%, glass - 10%, food - 23%, metal- 9%,
cloth - 3%, plastic - 5%, dust - 10% and other rubbish10%. What is your
attitude to this problem?
The problem is that а lot of rubbish that we throw away is not biodegradable.
We аге going to avoid using non-biodegradable material.
People produce а lot of unnecessary things, such as packaging. Why not to
reduce the amount of such products?
You see, plastic, metals and chemicals don't disappear for hundreds of years.
This pollutes the air. We must also find ways to recycle the things we use.
It is necessary to explain people not to throw away what can be used again.
They must follow such advice as:
1) Recycle paper, glass, motor oil.
2) Repair and recycle things as often as possible.
3) Buy recycled products
We agree with this idea. It’s also possible to recycle plastic bags, boxes and
plastic bottles
As for our country, we are going to recycle old clothes and cardboard.
All these measures сап help us to prevent climate changes.
We have discussed all our questions, now let’s see, what is the result of our
work. Look through your notes and say, what are the main things we can do to
help the environment.
(решение проблем записывается на доске)
Spain is going to make smaller cars
Italy is going to protect historic cities, to stop саг traffic in the city centre
Japan is going to look for а different gas.
the USA is going to change the type of petrol. to make cleanerг petrol.
Germany is going to use public transport system more, to make tickets cheaper.
the UK is going to make advertisements about the negative aspects of cars.
1. Plant trees and flowers.
2. Feed birds and help them.
3. Recycle used materials
1. Don’t cut down the trees.
2. Don’t produce too much packaging.
3. Don’t litter the ground with cans, paper and
34. President
35. Assistant-
36 A girl
37 Pupil
38 A girl
39 Pupil
41 Pupil2
42 Pupil3
43 Pupil4
44 Pupil3
Thank you. The future is in our hands. Let's sing about it. Our conference is
over. Good bye
Attention, please. Some journalists want to interview you
- Hello, "Moscow News", Russia. Which is the most serious climatic problem?
- I can't name only the one. There аге several serious problems: rising heat,
radiation, industrial waste, cars and so on
- Why are cars dangerous for people?
- Because 60% of air pollution is caused by means of transport.
- Thank you
- Hello, "Moming Star", the United Кingdom. How can we stop car pollution in
big cities?
- I think we must use good filters in cars and stop car traffic in the city centre.
- What causes hot air to rise?
- There are different reasons. А burning cigarette causes а fire. The smoke of
factories causes rising temperature. Planes and cars cause tremendous heat too
and so on.
- Thanks.
(после интервью все расходятся)
(группа подростков сидит в комнате и отдыхает, входит девочка)
Hey, Folks! What are you doing?
Nothing special.
Lets watch television. Shall I turn it on?
We don't mind
(ребята слушают новости по телевизору)
Hello, you are watching TV "News"
Yesterday the International climate Conference took part in the United
Kingdom. Six main countries participated in it: Spain, Germany, Italy, the USA,
Japan and the United Kingdom.
They discussed the following important questions: 1) How to protect the
rainforests, 2) How to stop negative aspects of cars and 3) How to reduce the
Among the main results of the conference were:
to make smaller cars;
to stop саг traffic in the city centre;
to change the type of petrol аnd make it cleaner.
More detailed information you'll be able to read in tomorrows newspapers.
Thanks for watching us. Good bye
How can WE strive for the clean environment?
There is а good saying: you needn't strive for cleanliness, you should take а
broom and sweep your street
Ok, Ok.
Подведение итогов урока. Запись домашнего задания
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