Конспект урока "Celebrities - The Price of Fame" 9 класс

ГОУ СОШ № 232
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г. Санкт-Петербург
Учитель: Смирнов Андрей Александрович
квалификационная категория)
Тема: «Celebrities - The Price of Fame»
9 класс
Урок-разработка к УМК Opportunities Intermediate (Lesson 15)
The Price of Fame
Remind the students about the celebrities from Lesson 15:
Marilyn Monroe, John Lennon, Princess Diana, Andrei Mironov.
Divide the class into groups of 3-4 students and hand out the worksheets Celebrities.
Students choose one celebrity, collect information about him/her and fill in the table.
The best way to do the task is to go to http://en.wikipedia.org
Help students find the search field (on the left) and get to the entries. If they have time or need more
information, they may follow the links from the background information box on the right and go to the
official site of the person chosen.
Otherwise they may go directly to:
http://www.andrey-mironov.ru/bio.html (Russian)
For the second task students choose somebody from the group to report to the class. The rest of the class
makes notes on the celebrity’s biography. Remind the students to express their opinion on the life of the
person they have chosen and use the function file from the lesson 15.
For the task 3 encourage students to find the information quickly first look through the list and fill in
the information they may already know. After that they work with the list of celebrities at
They may also use the http://en.wikipedia.org search or the searching engines of http://www.yahoo.com
and http://www.google.com
After students have finished the quiz and compared the information, ask them to do the follow-up tasks if
there is time left. If not leave these tasks for the homework.
1. Work in groups of 3-4.
Choose one of the celebrities: Marilyn Monroe, John Lennon, Princess Diana, Andrei Mironov.
Go to http://en.wikipedia.org. Type in the chosen name in the search field on the left and click “Search”.
Find the information to complete the table, if necessary follow the links to the official sites and get some
extra information.
Date and place of birth
Marriage / spouse
Famous for
2. Choose one person form the group to give a short talk on your celebrity. Use the structures from
the lesson to express your opinion.
3. Celebrity quiz
Groups are given max. 5 minutes to find basic information about as many celebrities as possible and
complete the table. Go to http://www.famouspeople.com/famous_biographies.htm and use the list of
celebrities. Alternatively use a searching engine of http://en.wikipedia.org.
Famous for
Abraham Lincoln
Alphonse Gabriel Capone
Bob Dylan
Condoleezza Rice
Florence Nightingale
Helen Keller
Mohandas Gandhi
Martin Luther King
Terry Fox
Pope John Paul II
Maya Angelou
Wright brothers
Charles Lindbergh
Ray Charles
Winston Churchill
Dr. Seuss
Bessie Coleman
Jimi Hendrix
Mark Twain
Elvis Presley
1. Prepare the questions to interview one of the celebrities from the list above and role-play the
2. At home collect the information about some living celebrity and prepare a brief talk on him/her
telling the class why you like/dislike this famous person.