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Презентация "The British Empire"

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the British Empire (1713-1914)

the British Empire (1713-1914)

the British Empire (1713-1914)

the British Empire (1713-1914)

Constitutional relationships:

  • dominions
  • colonies
  • protectorates
  • mandates …

The British Empire included the following territories:

  • The countries settled exclusively by white Europeans and British emigrants. Such as: Australia and Canada
  • The territories of the Indian subcontinent
  • Parts of Africa, which had had little experience of international interference before.

In 1949

the British Empire

was transformed into

the Commonwealth of Nations

(54 countries)

Elizabeth II the Head of te Commonwealth


  • in 1931 when Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa gained independence;
  • in 1947 the British troops and officials finally left India;
  • Ceylon became independent in 1948;
  • in 1997 when Britain lost Hong Kong .