Контрольная работа "Узнаем больше друг о друге" 5 класс

5 класс
УМК Биболетова М.З.
Контрольная работа №4 по теме: «Узнаем больше друг о друге»
Задание №1
Послушай рассказы детей и догадайся, кем они хотят стать. Заполни
таблицу: впиши соответствующий номер говорящего. Ты услышишь
каждый рассказ дважды.
police officer
computer programmer
Задание №2
Послушай беседу корреспондента с Джейн. Выбери и отметь галочкой
правильные ответы на вопросы. Ты услышишь беседу дважды.
A. What languages does Jane speak very well?
B. What is Jane’s hobby?
taking photos
C. What is Jane going to be?
D. Has Jane got any brothers or sisters?
a sister
a brother
a sister and a brother
II. Reading
Прочитай текст и выполни задания 3, 4, 5.
Cambridge, GB
Dear Michael,
I am writing my first letter in English to you from Cambridge, as I have
promised you. There are many students from all over the world living and studying
at the English Language School for a whole school year. I can’t believe it! My
days are unforgettable. I am learning so much every moment. Things are going
very well for me here.
In your letter you asked me to describe my host family, my new friends and
many other things. Well, I hope to describe some of them in this letter.
As for my host family, they are really very nice and hospitable! Their names
are Jennifer and Christian, and they’ve got a son John. Jennifer is a housewife and,
as our mum, she takes care of the family. She is very understanding and loving..
Christian is a mechanic. He repairs both old and modern cars. He is serious about
his work and polite. But he has a very good sense of humour. John is a nice boy.
He is only four but next September he’ll become a pupil. They are very kind and
friendly. They made me fill like part of the family. It is easy for me to get on well
with them.
I’ve made some good new friends at school too. All the students are very
friendly. I’m having a really good time/ it is very interesting for me to practice
English. I love to speak and learn new English words.
Mickey, you will come to visit me at winter holidays, won’t you?
Cambridge is wonderful but I miss my family and Spain.
We are going to have a party tomorrow in our language school. Next
weekend we are going to London. I am looking forward to this trip. In my next
letter I’ll write you more about my new school.
Kisses and hugs to you all.
Best wishes from your brother,
Выбери правильный ответ на вопрос. Обведи соответствующую букву.
What is this story about?
A. It’s about the life of a Spanish student.
B. It’s about the life of an English family.
C. It’s about the life of an English student.
Задание №4
Прочитай предложения. Отметь предложения, которые соответствуют
тексту, - T (true), и предложения, которые не соответствуют тексту, - F
1. Raul is studying a foreign language in Cambridge. _________
2. There are four people in his host family. __________
3. Raul likes his host family. ________
4. Raul has no friends in his language school.
Задание №5
Соедини начало и конец предложения.
1. Raul is going to…
2. Sim is going to…
3. Michael is going to…..
a) …come to the Great Britain for winter holidays.
b) …visit London next weekend.
c) Study at a school next autumn.
Задание №6
Прочитай отрывок из письма. Напиши ответ своему другу по переписке.
Ответь на его вопросы.
…..I have got a lot of pets. In my house, there are two cats, a dog, three hamsters
and a parrot. I take care of them every day. My mum helps me feed them all. When
I grow up, I want to be a vet and take care of animals. Have you got any pets. What
hobbies do you have? What do you want to be when you grow up?
Best wishes,
Приложение №1(для учителя)
К заданию №1
Girl 1:
I like reading very much. That’s why I want to work with books and
people too. At my workplace there will be a lot of different books,
newspapers and magazines. And I’ll always try to be friendly and polite
with people. I think it’s interesting to answer questions about writers and
their books. I’ll help people find the books and magazines they need. I
think my future job is very important, especially for people who like to
Girl 2:
I want to be responsible for people’s health. I will treat people if their
lives in danger, they are hurt or they have a high temperature. I want to
help people to feel better as soon as possible. I’ll try to be friendly,
tactful and polite with sick people/ I’ll try to get on well with them.
Mum says I have a good sense of humour. I hope it will help me in my
future job.
In my job, I’m going to protect people, their homes and their things from
criminals. Of course, it’s going to be a dangerous job. I want to catch all
the thieves I can. I want to always arrive at the scene just in time to stop
the thieves. People will always be happy to see me. My friends say that’s
I’m very brave and tough to want this job but I think it’s very important
to keep people safe.
Boy 2:
It’s much easier for me to work with computers than to talk to people.
This is because I’m not a very talkative or sociable person. I want to
create new programs for computers. Nowadays computer programs help
us do experiments in science, create new technologies and make new
machines/ they help people to do many different things in their everyday
lives. For example, they can help save lives; protect people’s health,
control cars and planes, and so on. I think my future job is very
К заданию №2
A. What languages does Jane speak very well?
Jane, may I ask you a few questions?
Yes, certainly.
Do you like to study foreign languages
Yes, I like studying foreign languages. I can speak French very
What foreign languages are you going to study next?
I am going to study German next year. My penfriend is from
What other foreign languages would you like to study in the
I would like to study Spanish/ I like to spend
B. What is Jane’s hobby?
What are your hobbies? Do you collect stamps or cards?
Oh, no! I don’t like collecting anything. But I do have a hobby.
What hobby have you got then?
I like travelling with my parents very much. My father likes
taking photos.
What countries would you like to visit?
Germany and Argentina.
C. What is Jane going to be?
Jane, you like foreign languages and travelling. Are you going
to be a journalist?
I don’t think so. My mum wants me to be a teacher. My father
wants me to be a doctor.
What about you? What do you want?
I like dancing very much. I would like to be a famous dancer. I
would visit lots of countries and speak lots of different foreign
D. Has Jane got any brothers or sisters?
Jane, could you tell me about your family?
Yes, of course. We’re a close family. My mum is a French
teacher and my dad is a doctor.
Have you got any brothers or sisters?
Yes, I’ve got a younger sister.
Do you get on well with her?
Usually I do. But sometimes she is very naughty. And she likes
to wear my dresses. That’s why I would rather not have a
younger sister.
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