Проверочная работа "Настоящее простое и длительное время" 5 класс

Определите временную форму ( Present Simple/ Present Continuous) и поставьте правильно глагол!
1. I (do) my homework now.
2. His friend often (tidy) this room.
3. We never (go) to bed at 8 o’clock.
4. Sam (feed) the cat at the moment.
5. Rudolph always (make) the bed?
6. Your sister (vacuum) the carpet now?
7. I (open ) the door now.
8. Martha sometimes (go) food shopping.
9. She (do) the chores every day.
10. Your parents (go) food shopping every weekend?
11. My family (not, get) home now.
12. Pam often (empty) the bin?
1. I am doing my homework now
2. His friend often tidies this room
3. We never go to bed at 8 o’clock
4. Sam is feeding the cat at the moment
5. Does Rudolph always make the bed?
6. Is your sister vacuuming the carpet now?
7. I am opening the door now
8. Martha sometimes goes food shopping
9. She does the chores every day
10. Do your parents go food shopping every weekend?
11. My family isn’t getting home now
12. Does Pam often empty the bin?