Тест "Простое настоящее или простое прошедшее время" 5 класс

1. Fill in the blanks with the correct form of the verb: Present Simple or Past Simple.
1. It _______________ very cold last winter, this year the winter _____________ very nice. (to be)
2. We usually ____________ fairy tales in the evening, but yesterday we ____________ poems. (to
3. Jack _______________ to the swimming pool twice a week, last month he ______________ to the
skating rink. (to go)
4. I ____________________ my room yesterday and my mum _______________ very angry with
me. (not to clean, to be)
5. Usually I ____________ good marks, but I ______________ an excellent mark two days ago. (to
6. My Dad usually ______________ one toy to me, but last week he _____________ three toys. (to
7. We __________________ classes yesterday because it ______________ a day-off. (not to have, to
8. My sister always _______________ many letters to her friend. Last month she _____________
only one letter to him. (to write)
9. Carrie ________________ at the party yesterday as she ______________ ill. (not to be, to be)
10. Frank can’t ride a bicycle. He __________________ a bicycle when he ______________ a child.
11. (not to have, to be)
2. Fill in the blanks with the appropriate verbs given in the box in the Past Simple Tense.
move meet be(x2) have buy come go drive become
spend(x2) play live
Two years ago we ___moved____ to Springfield. We _____________ in the city which
___________ far away from Springfield, so we ______________ many hours to get to Springfield.
When we __________ to that town, we ________________ a new house and a car. Our house
______________ not far from the school and we _____________ to school on foot. Sometimes our
mum ____________ us to school. We ______________ many new people in that town and
______________ friends with them. We ______________ much in common. We
________________ tennis and football with our friends and ______________ much time together.
3. Ask the special questions to each sentence.
1. She helped her mother yesterday.
When _______________________________________________?
2. His grandmother lived in London.
Where _______________________________________________?
3. They wanted to buy a new book.
Why ________________________________________________?
4. Nick and Peter played tennis on Sunday.
5. They bought five rulers.