План-конспект урока "Charlie Chaplin"

План – конспект урока по английскому языку
«Charlie Chaplin»
Тип урока: комбинированный с использованием элементов технологии
развития критического мышления, и с применением технологии ИКТ.
Методы: стимулирование обучения, самостоятельная частично-поисковая
работа учащихся – визуальный метод, видеометод.
Цель: формирование лексических навыков, развитие умений
монологической речи на основе предложенного текста.
Развивающий компонент цели урока: развитие языковых, познавательных
способностей учащихся, развитие готовности к коммуникации на основе
предложенного речевого материала.
Образовательный компонент цели урока: расширение лингвистического и
общего кругозора, развитие способности анализировать, выделять главное,
совершенствование навыков поискового чтения.
Воспитательный компонент цели урока: Воспитывать чувство
Практический компонент цели урока: практическое использование
приобретённых знаний.
Оснащенность урока:
1. Текст «Charlie Chaplin»
2. Предтекстовые и послетекстовые упражнения к тексту
3. Презентация.
4. Видеофильм.
Оборудование урока: доска, магнитная доска, компьютер
I. Организационный момент. Создание атмосферы иноязычного
общения. Правило трёх «ДА»
Т.: Good morning, girls and boys Nice to see you here.
Ps. Glad to meet you too
T.: Take your seat. Is everything OK?
Ps. Yes
T.: Are you ready to start our lesson?
Ps.: Yes
T.: Do you think you’ll learn something new today?
Ps.: Yes, we’ll certainly do!
I. Фонетическая зарядка.
Т.: So now let’s do one exercise for our tongue. Look at the blackboard and read
this poem.
Слайд №1. I said a boom chicka boom,
I said a boom chicka boom,
I said a boom chicka rocka,
Chicka rocka chicka boom.
T.: Oh, thank you. But now read this poem - in a whisper.
- in an angry voice
- in a thin voice
- like a baby
T.: Thanks a lot.
III. Стадия вызова. Актуализация и обобщение имеющихся у учеников
знаний по теме.
T.: I see that you like to act as a real actors. And I should say that out theme
today is also about one actor. But I can’t tell you who is he? You should guess.
So look at the blackboard. Слайд №2. (шляпа и трость)
T.: It’s a hat and a stick. But whose are they? Do you know?
T.: You can’t guess. So the second prompt is
Слайд №3 (шляпа, трость, усы и ботинки)
T.: How clever you are. Of course it’s Charlie Chaplin. Do you know any
information about him?
Ps.: рассказывают о том, что они знают о Чарли Чаплине.
IV Осмысление. Получение и осмысление новой информации,
соотнесение полученной информации с уже имеющимися знаниями.
T.: Now take this sheets of paper. You can see a diagram here.
So fill in this diagram. Fill only these facts which you know.
Ps.: Заполняют только те поля которые они знают.
T.: To know some more details about Charlie Chaplin’s life? We are going to read
the text about him. While reading you should make necessary notes.
V I have known it.
+ - now I’ve known it
- - I haven’t known it
? I want to know about it more
Charles Chaplin was a man of many talents, he was one of the best
actors and directors (режиссёр) in the world. He was the first man to
treat (относиться) films as works of art.
When Chaplin became well-known in America, he started to get fed
up (надоедать) with what others told him to do, so he decided to work
on his own (для себя). With a few friends he created United Artists, a
film company managed (управлять) only by actors and directors.
Working in this company Chaplin made his most popular films such as
'The Gold Rush" (Золотая Лихорадка), 'The Circus' (Цирк), "City
Lights' (Огни большого города) and 'The Great Dictator' (Великий
диктатор). He was not only an actor and director but he also wrote
screenplays (сценарии) and composed music to his films. Chaplin had
many wives but only the last one, Oona, brought him real happiness.
They had eight children. But there were also some tragic moments in
Chaplin's life. He was accused (обвинять) of being a communist and
had many problems with the FBI. In spite of (несмотря) his great
success, he had to leave America. He spent the rest of his life in
Switzerland (Швейцария) with his wife and children.
So, I see that you are have finished. Can you tell me what new facts
have you known. What do you want to find or to know more about
I see that you are tired and I offer you stand up.
Wind the bobbin up, Руки – на уровне груди. Круговое движение рук
Wind the bobbin up, вперед-назад (как –будто наматываем пряжу)
Pull, pull Руки сжать в кулаки и представить, что нужно
Натянуть нитку двумя руками.
Clap, clap, clap. Три раза хлопнуть в ладоши.
Point to the ceiling Указать пальцем на потолок
Point to the floor, Указать пальцем на пол
Point to the window, Указать пальцем на окно
Point to the door. Указать пальцем на дверь
Clap your hands together, Хлопнуть три раза в ладоши
One, two, three,
Put your hands down on your knee. Положить руки на колени и сесть
на своё место.
Now let’s play “True” or “False”. I will read you a sentence you should tell is it
true or false.
1. Charlie Chaplin was a famous writer. (False)
2. C. Chaplin is one of the best actors in the world. (True)
3. C.Chaplin wrote novels. (False)
4. He treated films as works of art. (True)
5. He created a film company “United Artists”. (True)
6. C.Chaplin had only one wife. (False).
7. He had many children. (True)
8. Charlie Chaplin spent the rest of his life in America (False).
9. C. Chaplin died in 1977. (True)
I think that now you know more information about this famous actor. I offer you
to watch a film with C. Chaplin’s acting.
Смотрим отрывок из фильма.
Do you like the film?
Thank you. Now let’s take your diagrams once again. Now we have known much
more information about Ch.Chaplin.
Let’s do it together. Fill in it.
And the last task for today is: Write down some words about Ch.Chaplin
1. (3 nouns)_______________________________
2. (2 verbs)________________________________
3. (3 adjectives)_____________________________
V. Рефлексия.
We see hats on the table. The green hat is if you like the information and the
lesson. The purple hat is if you want to know more about the actor. The red one if
you don’t like the lesson and the information was not so interesting for you.
Homework. Open your diaries and write down your home-work p.95 ex. 49,50