Сценарий "Charlie and the chocolate factory (по мотивам книги Роальда Даля)" 8-10 класс

Муниципальное автономное учреждение
Дополнительного образования
«Центр детского творчества «Юность»
Дзержинского района
Сценарий постановки
«Charlie and the chocolate factory»
по мотивам книги Роальда Даля
Ефимовских А.Е.
педагог дополнительного образования
Пермь, 2016.
Пояснительная записка
Сценарий постановки «Чарли и шоколадная фабрика» на английском языке
предназначен для постановки в детском коллективе, возраст участников которого 13
17 лет (7 – 11 класс). Дети должны владеть английским языком на достаточном
уровне (pre-intermediate, intermediate), чтобы справиться с поставленной задачей –
сыграть на сцене данный спектакль. Роли ребят из толпы и умпа-лумп можно
доверить ребятам младшего возраста (5-7 класс).
Цель создания постановки – развитие лингвистических способностей
учащихся через участие в творческом процессе работы над спектаклем,
обогащение их словарного запаса.
Сценарий может быть использован педагогами английского языка,
работающими с детьми среднего и старшего школьного возраста, педагогами
дополнительного образования.
Charlie and the chocolate factory
Scene 1
The factory I usually see on my way here… Is it really true that
Wonka’s Chocolate factory is the biggest in the world?
True?! Of course it is true! Good heavens, didn’t you know that? It’s
fifty times as big as any other!
And is Mr Willy Wonka really the cleverest chocolate maker in the
Grandpa Joe
My dear boy, Mr Willy Wonka is the most amazing, the most
fantastic, the most extraordinary chocolate maker the world has ever
seen! I thought everybody knew that!
I knew he was famous, Grandpa Joe, and I knew he was very clever…
Grandpa Joe
Clever! He’s more than that! He’s a magician with chocolate! He can
make anything anything he wants! Isn’t that a fact my dear?
Absolutely true. Just as true as can be.
Grandpa Joe
But he never comes out! The only thing that comes out of that place
are chocolates and sweets. They come out through a special door in
the wall, all packed and addressed, and they are picked up every day
by Post Office trucks.
But Grandpa, what sort of people are they that work in there?
Grandpa Joe
My dear boy, that is one of the great mysteries of the chocolate-
making world. Nobody knows.
But that`s absurd. Hasn`t someone asked Mr Wonka?
Grandpa Joe
Nobody sees him any more. We know only one thing about his
workers. They are very small!
(They switch on the TV)
Listen to the greatest news ever?!
I, Willy Wonka, have decided to allow five children just five, mind
you, and no more to visit my factory this year. These lucky five will
be shown around personally by me, and they will see all the secrets
and the magic of my factory. Then, at the end of the tour, as a special
present, all of them will be given enough chocolates and sweets to last
them for the rest of their lives! So watch out for the Golden
Tickets! Good luck to you all, and happy hunting!
Charlie Bucket
Grandpa Joe
Grandma Josephine
Willy Wonka
Veruca Salt
Mike Teavee
Augusta Gloop
Violet Beauregarde
Customer 1
Customer 2
Customer 3
Customer 4
Onlooker 1
Onlooker 2
Onlooker 3
Scene 2
Grandma Josephine
Grandpa Joe
Happy birthday!
Grandma Josephine
The thing to remember is that whatever happens, you’ll still
have the bar of chocolate.
Yes, I know.
Grandpa Joe
Just forget all about those Golden Tickets and enjoy the
chocolate. Why don’t you do that?
Grandma Josephine
Open it, my dear. Please, open it. You are making me jumpy.
Charlie slowly starts opening the bar. No Ticket…
No Ticket
Grandpa Joe
Well that’s that! It’s just what we expected.
Here, Granny, have a bit. We’ll share it. I want everybody to
taste it!
Grandpa Joe
Grandma Josephine
Certainly not! No., no! We wouldn’t dream of it! It’s all
yours! (leaving)
Scene 3
Walking along the street Charlie finds a coin and brings it to the
One Wonka’s chocolate bar.
Charlie eats the bar very quickly and grabbed another one.
You look like you wanted that one, sonny. Take it easy, you`ll have
a tummy-ache if you swallow it like that without chewing.
Then he buys another one.
I think, I think… I’ll have just one more of those chocolate bars.
Why not? (gives another bar and sees the ticket appearing from the
Oh, look! It`s a golden ticket.
It’s a Golden Ticket! You’ve got a Golden Ticket! You’ve found the
last Golden Ticket! Hey, would you believe it! Come and look at
this, everybody! The kid’s found Wonka’s last Golden Ticket!
Somebody call the newspapers quick and let them know! Watch out,
sonny! Don’t tear it as you unwrap it! That thing is precious!
(shouting) Where is it? Hold it up so all of us can see it!
There it is, there! He’s holding it in his hands! See the golden
How could he manage to find it, I’d like to know? I’ve been buying
twenty bars a day for weeks and weeks!
(enviously) Think of all free sweets he’ll get! A lifetime supply!
(laughing) He’ll need it, he is too thin!
Listen, I’ll buy it from you. I’ll give you fifty pounds. How about it,
eh? And I’ll give you a new bicycle as well. Okay?
Are you crazy? Why, I would give him two hundred pounds for that
ticket! Do you want to sell that ticket for two hundred pounds, young
That’s quite enough of that! Leave the kid alone! Let him out! (to
Charlie) Don’t let anybody have it! Take it straight home, quickly,
before you lose it! Run all the way and don’t stop till you get there,
do you understand? (Charlie nods) I’m awfully glad you got it.
Good luck to you, sonny.
Thank you. (Staying alone he starts reading what is written on the
Golden ticket.)
(reading) Greetings to you, the lucky finder of this Golden Ticket,
from Mr Willy Wonka! I shake you warmly by the hand! Many
wonderful surprises await you! I, Willy Wonka, will show you
around the factory myself, showing you everything that is there to
see, and then you will be escorted home by a procession of large
trucks, loaded with countless amount of delicious things. On the first
of February you must come to the factory gates at ten o’clock sharp
in the morning. Don’t be late!
Scene 4
The children are waiting in front of the factory gates,
people around are watching and talking
Onlooker 1
There’s Violet Beauregarde! That’s her all right! I can remember
her face from the newspapers!
Onlooker 2
And you know what? She’s still chewing that old piece of gum
she’s had for three months!
Onlooker 3
Who’s that girl?
Onlooker 1
That’s Augusta Gloop!
Onlooker 2
So it is! Fantastic!
Onlooker 3
Who is the kid over?
Onlooker 1
That’s the Mike Teavee! He’s the television fan!
Onlooker 2
He must be crazy!
Onlooker 3
The one I want to see is Veruca Salt! She’s the girl whose father
bought up half a million chocolate bars!
Onlooker 1
Yes, he gives her anything she wants! Absolutely anything! She
only has to start screaming for it and she gets it!
Onlooker 2
Dreadful, isn’t it?
Onlooker 3
Shocking, I call it!
Onlooker 1
Which one is Charlie Bucket?
Onlooker 2
Charlie Bucket? He must be that skinny little boy standing by the
old man. Very close to us. Just there! See him?
(The crowd becomes suddenly silent. All eyes are fixed upon the
Onlooker 3:
There he is! That’s him!
(everybody sees Willy Wonka)
Willy Wonka
Welcome, my little friends! Welcome to the factory! Will you
come forward one at a time, please!
Augusta Gloop
I’m Augusta Gloop.
Willy Wonka
Augusta! My dear girl! How good to see you! Delighted!
Charmed! Step through the gate!
Veruca Salt
My name is Veruca Salt.
Willy Wonka
My dear Veruca! How do you do? What a pleasure this is! I’m so
glad you could come! Please, go in!
Mike Teavee
and Violet
Mike Teavee! Violet Beauregarde!
Willy Wonka
Overjoyed to see you! Step forward!
Charlie Bucket.
Willy Wonka
Charlie! Well, well, well! So there you are! You’re the one who
found the ticket only yesterday, aren’t you? Yes, yes! Just in time,
my dear boy! I’m so glad! I’m so happy for you! And this? Your
grandfather? Delighted to meet you, sir! Overjoyed! All right!
Scene 5
Charlie and Grandpa Joe come to the stage.
How lovely and warm!
Grandpa Joe
I know. And what a marvelous smell! The smell of roasting
coffee and burnt sugar …
And melting chocolate and mint and violets…
Grandpa Joe
And crushed hazelnuts and apple blossom
And caramel and lemon peel! Isn’t it wonderful? Hasn’t
everything here got a wonderful taste, Grandpa?
Grandpa Joe
I could eat the whole field! I could go round like a cow and eat
every blade of grass in the field! (пытается опуститься на
колени, но Чарли удерживает его.) Внезапно Чарли
замечает человечков
Mr Willy Wonka
The grass you are standing on is made of a new kind of soft,
minty sugar. I`ve just invented it. You can try it. Please, do.
Augusta Gloop
I want to try. (eating) Oh, delicious!
What is it? It is moving! These are little people! Can you see
them, Grandpa?
Grandpa Joe
(excitedly) I see them, Charlie!
But who are they? Are they real people?
Willy Wonka
Of course they are real people! They are Oompa-Loompas.
There the Oompa-Loompas who were sitting quietly stand up
and dance and sing their song. В конце танца они
разворачивают коричневую ткань и начинают покачивать
её так, будто это течёт шоколадная река
Veruca Salt
I want an Oompa-Loompa! I want an Oompa-Loompa right
away! I want to take it home with me! (Grandpa Joe
укоризненно качает головой) Пока она кричит, Augusta
забирается в шоколадную реку.
Grandpa Joe
Augusta! Don’t do that!
Willy Wonka
Oh, no! Please, Augusta, please! I beg you not to do that. My
chocolate must be untouched by human hands!
Augusta Gloop
This stuff is fabulous! Gosh, I need a bucket to drink it properly!
Willy Wonka
Augusta! You must come away. You are dirtying my chocolate!
Augusta Gloop
How tasty it is. Strawberry, raspberry, vanilla…
At this moment Augusta starts drowning.
Augusta Gloop
Help! Help! Help! Fish me out!
Oompa-Loompas заворачивают его в коричневую ткань и
уносят со сцены.
Willy Wonka
Keep calm! There is no danger whatsoever! Augusta has gone to
a little journey, that’s all. But she’ll come out of it just fine, you
wait and see. And now I want to show you something unusual!
Scene 6
На конце сцены появляются два Oompa-Loompas, которые
держат в руках коробку с тремя разноцветными кнопками.
Here we go! Hurry up, everybody.
This is the most important room in the entire factory. All my most
secret new inventions are cooking here. Now, listen to me. No
touching and no tasting! Is that agreed?
Yes, yes. We won`t touch a thing.
Watch! (раздаются странные щёлкающие звуки, потом они
You mean that’s all?
That’s all. Don’t you know what it is?
By gum, that’s gum! It’s a stick of chewing gum!
Right you are! It’s a stick of the most amazing and fabulous gum in
the world! This gum is my latest, my greatest, and my most
fascinating invention! It’s a chewing gum meal! There is a whole
three-course dinner in one chewing gum. No plates! No washing up!
No rubbish! This piece of gum has tomato soup, roast beef, and
blueberry pie!
What do you mean, it’s tomato soup, roast beef, and blueberry pie?
If you start chewing it that will be your menu. It’s absolutely
amazing! And it fills you up! It satisfies you! It’s terrific!
It’s impossible!
It`s incredible!
Just so long as it is gum. Just so long as it’s a piece of gum and I can
chew it, then that’s for me! (she quickly took her own chewing gum
out of her mouth and stick it behind her ear) Come on, Mr Wonka,
hand over this magic gum of yours and we’ll see if the thing works.
I would rather you didn’t take it. You see, I haven’t got it quite right
yet. There are still one or two things…
I want the gum. (хватает жвачку и запихивает в рот)
Fabulous! It’s tomato soup! It’s hot and creamy and delicious!
Stop! The gum isn’t ready yet! It’s not right!
Of course, it is tight. It`s working beautifully.
Spit it out!
It’s changing! The second course is coming up! It’s a roast beef! It’s
tender and juicy!
No, no, no, no, no! It isn’t ready for eating! It isn’t right! You
mustn’t do it!
Blueberry pie and cream! Here it comes! Oh, my! It’s perfect!
Появляются Oompa-Loompas с разноцветной тканью и
начинают обматывать Violet.
I feel strange!
The girl is turning blue and purple all over! Even her hair is
changing colour!
It always goes wrong when we come to the dessert. It’s the blueberry
pie that does it. But I’ll get it right one day, you wait and see.
Scene 7
Mr Wonka, will Violet Beauregarde ever be all right again?
She will be purple. A fine rich purple from head to toe. That`s what
comes from chewing disgusting gum all day long.
Disgusting? Why do you make it in your factory?
All right, stop here for a moment and catch your breath. Whatever
you do, don’t go into THE NUT ROOM! If you go in, you’ll disturb
the squirrels!
Oh, my God.
These squirrels are specially trained for getting the nuts out of
walnuts. There! Look! Watch that squirrel nearest to us! I think he’s
got a bad one now!
Why use squirrels, why not use Oompa-loompas?
Noone can do this job better than squirrels do.
Hey, I’ve decided I want a squirrel! Get me one of those squirrels!
All I’ve got at home is two dogs and four cats and six rabbits and
three canaries and a green parrot, and a turtle and a bowl of goldfish
and a cage of white mice and a silly old hamster! I want a squirrel!
Oh, you have a lot of pets. I am sure your dad can buy you a squirrel.
I don`t want any old squirrel. I want a trained squirrel.
They are not for sale! You can’t have one!
Who says I can’t! I’m going in to get myself one this very minute!
Она порывается зайти в комнату, в это время Oompa-Loompas
хватают её и утаскивают за сцену.
I have never seen anything like it! The children are disappearing like
rabbits! But you mustn’t worry about it! Shall we move on?
Oh, yes!!!
Scene 8
My feet are getting tired… I want to watch television.
Here we go! This is the Testing Room for my very latest and greatest
invention Television Chocolate!
But what is Television Chocolate?
Good heavens, child, stop interrupting me! It works by television.
Well, watch this! I shall now send a bar of my very best chocolate
from one end of this room to the other by television! Get ready,
there! Bring in the chocolate!
Вносят кусок шоколада и отправляют его через экран
Oh, it’s absolutely fantastic! It’s… it’s… it’s a miracle!!!
And what about people? Could you send a real person from one
place to another in the same way?
A person? Are you crazy?
But could it be done?
Good heavens, child, I really don’t know… I’m pretty sure it
could… of course it could… it might have some very bad results!
No, no, no, no!!!
В это время Mike Teavee залезает в телевизор, где его
хватают Oompa-Loompas и утаскивают за сцену. Затем они
выбегают на сцену и танцуют танец.
Scene 9
Which room shall it be next? Come on! Hurry up! We must get
going! And how many children are there left now?
But Mr Wonka, there’s… there’s only Charlie left now
You mean you are the only one left?
Why, yes… Yes.
But my dear boy! That means you’ve won! Oh, I do congratulate
you! I really do! I am absolutely delighted! It couldn’t be better!
How wonderful this is! Well done, Charlie, well done! How I love
my chocolate factory! Do you love it too, Charly?