Тест "Что у тебя хорошо получается?" 7 класс

Form 7 Test. Unit 2
I. Listen to the text and do the task True/False.
Variant 1
Variant 2
1. Fred is 13.
2. He works with the telescope.
3. He points out the stars.
4. He became interested in physics.
5. Midori lives in Washington.
1. Fred is 14.
2. He works with computer.
3. He likes planets and stars.
4. Midori is 15.
5. She lives in London.
II. Read the text and fill in the table.
Monday 3
of May
2 p.m.
Tennis with Jane
Tuesday 4
of May
My week at the beginning of May is very busy. I am going to visit a dentist on the
fourth of May. I shall go there at three p.m. I always visit the dentist before summer
holidays though I am much afraid of dentist.
On the sixth of May I am going to John’s birthday party. John is my cousin. We are
great friends.
The party starts at twelve thirty. I think we’ll have much fun. I have already bought
him a present. It’s a car model. John has got a large collection of car models. It’s his
On Friday I am going to the theatre with Mary to see a new play by a famous
playwright. Mary has bought three tickets. Her sister Sue is coming with us. The
performance starts at half past six in the evening. I hope we shall enjoy the party. I like
going to the theatres and visit them at least once a month.
On Saturdays I usually visit ma sister’s family. They live at 44 Green Street. But on
the eighth of May I shall stay at home because my sister is coming to see me.
III. Put the right word.
1. Ann plays the piano ____ . She is a ___ girl . (nice, nicely)
2. The weather is ______ . They met us ___ . (warm, warmly)
3. He goes to school ___ . He has ______ trainings. (regular, regularly)
4. “Gone with the Wind” is an ___ film. The actors played ___ . (excellent,
5. He could ____ work. He worked ___ . (hard, hardly)
IV. Write the comparative and superlative.
Образец: old older the oldest
Strong, brave, large, happy, funny, pretty, fat, sad, difficult, bad, well, comfortable
V. Choose the correct answer.
1. Clare dances ___ than Sue. (better, well, the best)
2. Mark is as _____ as George. (taller, tall, the tallest)
3. Peter is ______ student in the class. (good. the best, the goodest)
4. This is ___ winter for 20 years. (worse, the worst, worst)
5. Mary is ____ of two sisters. (nicer, the nicest, nicest)
6. The more cakes you eat, the ___ you get. (fat, the fattest, fatter)
Текст для аудирования:
Fred Talbot,12, of Toppenish, Washington, gives guided tours of the heavens.
There is the largest public telescope there. Fred points the out the planets and stars
to visitors at the observatory. “I became interested in astronomy when I first went
to the observatory,” says Fred. “ I went back so often that they asked me to give
Midori, 15, of New York City, first played a violin at the age of four. She now
plays violin solos with symphony orchestras around the world. Midori practises at
least five hours a day. “It’s hard work,” she says, “but I don’t mind because I love
I. Variant 1 1F 2T 3T 4F 5F Variant 2 1F 2F 3T 4T 5F
Monday 3
of May
2 p.m.
tennis with Jane
Tuesday 4
of May
3 p.m.
visit the dentist
Wednesday 5
of May
Thursday 6
of May
John’s birthday party
Friday 7
of May
6.30 p.m.
go to the theatre with
Saturday 8
of May
All day long
stay at home
III. 1. nicely, nice
2. warm, warmly
3. regularly, regular
4. excellent, excellently
5. hardly, hard
IV. strong stronger - the strongest
brave braver - the bravest
large larger - the largest
happy happier the happiest
funny funnier the funniest
pretty prettier the prettiest
fat fatter the fattest
sad sadder the saddest
difficult more difficult the most difficult
bad worse the worst
well better the best
comfortable- more comfortable the most comfortable
V. 1. better 2. tall 3. the best 4. the worst 5. the nicest 6. fatter