Сценарий "Good Health Is above Wealth"

Good Health Is above Wealth
Mary: Nice to meet you! I am Mary and I am going to invite you to take part in
our Video Bridge, devoted to health, health habits and sports! Stay with us and it
will help you to get rid of bad habits, get along with yourself and of course pay
much more attention to fitness.
When the Bible set down the 7 Deadly Sins they were not meant to be taken
literally. Few of us will die of pride, envy or anger. There are, however, modern
health sins which are in fact more deadly.
Two of them obesity and physical inactivity are known from ancient times.
They are joined by the modern bad habits: smoking, drinking too much alcohol,
drugs, and the surprising “danger” of sleeping too much or too little, eating
between meals and skipping breakfast. In combination, these poor health habits
could double the chance of dying or lead to different diseases for those who
Oh, I beg your pardon it’s time to meet Ann.
Hello, Ann! Great to see you! Nice and smart as usual! What is your secret?
Ann: Hello, Mary! You know, I’m not going to be a supermodel but I think it’s
very important to be fit and healthy and look nice. I pay a lot of attention to my
health. I try to eat only low-fat food, more fruit and vegetables which are rich in
vitamins and less sweet. I don’t smoke as I don’t want to have unhealthy skin and
teeth. In recent years smoking has received a lot of bad publicity. Smoking is
banned in cinemas and theatres. An official warning is printed by law on all
cigarette packets. Cigarette advertisement is banned on TV and radio. Let’s ask
some young people what is their opinion about smoking. For example you
introduce yourself, please.
- I’m Nick. I have no problem with my health though I’m a smoker and a bit
overweight. I like smoking. It helps me to relax.
Ann: Thank you, Nick. Now, you, please. Would you tell your name?
- I’m Lena. I think people should choose for themselves if they want to be
healthy it’s their life. They are free to decide. Harm watch, harm catch.
Ann: And now ads pause.
Hi! I have been doing dancing for 5 years! I feel great! And all my friends
think I look great! A sound mind is in a sound body!
(A dancing pause)
Mary: Smoking, alcohol, drugs… They say “The fat is in the fire”. But nowadays
a lot of young people suffer from a new incurable disease. It is something like
drugs, it covers you consciousness, keeps you brain. I mean computers and crazy
gamers. Let’s connect with one of the psychologist centers. Hi! Nice to see you!
As far as I know you are deeply disappointed by in the results of the computer
Alex: Hello Mary! You see information communication is an important part of life.
Information is rapidly becoming even more available because of advances in
technology. For one hand we can’t imagine our life without computers but for
another a lot of young people are inclined to deal with computer games. They
forget about school, parents and friends. We say they fall ill with a serious illness.
Well, sue, every person must be keen on any hobby but it must help him to
relax and get useful information and of course not harm his health.
And now I want you to enjoy a jolly song about a funny clown, who knows what to
(A singing pause)
Mary: Another problem of teenagers is connected with school. A lot of boys and
girls are afraid of answering near the blackboard, they tell spooky stories about
control and test works. They become nervous.
Ann G.: I agree with you. It’s a great problem. I know different ways to escape it.
- Touch wood or cross fingers before going to the blackboard.
- Never open an umbrella in the house before writing a test.
- Don’t go past anybody on the stairs.
- Don’t walk under a ladder.
- On the 1
day of the month it’s lucky to say “White rabbit”.
Try to do your best to follow my advice and everything will be all right!
Mary: Again ads pause for you!
Lena: Flu? When this dangerous virus attacks you, you get ill at once. If you have
flu, drink a lot of water, tea, juice or chicken soup. They will help you to get the
virus out of your body. Vitamins and minerals help you to keep healthy. If you want
to keep fit and healthy remember:
- Garlic prevents heart disease.
- Apricot is good for you skin.
- Green tea protects your teeth.
- Onion is good for your nerves.
- Milk strengthens your bones.
- Banana is good for your muscles.
- Cabbage may prevent the development of cancer.
- Carrots are good for your eyesight.
Mary: Are you tired? Be ready to do some exercises together with the best sport
class of School 7, Kaluga! Meet Eugenia! Hello!
Jane: Hi! Sport is very important in our life. Millions of people who go in for
sports know from their own experience how it helps us in everyday life. All my
mates are fond of sports. We are crazy about it. It helps us to become stronger and
physically developed. Going in for sports always makes people more organized
and better disciplined.
We are the best sports form at school.
Every day we do morning exercises or jog in the morning or train in different
sporting clubs and societies.
We are going to do some exercises (A sport pause)
Mary: It’s great, isn’t it? Still many people are drawn into sport activity. What
about our region? There is a vast network of sport clubs offering a great choice of
sports. Meet Andrew! He knows everything about it! Hi, Andrew!
Andrew: Hello! Information for you!
There are 62 sports organizations in our town and its region.
More than 37,000 pupils go in for 45 kinds of sports in Kaluga.
There are 1,315 sports sections in our town.
About 23,400 pupils went in for sports sections in our town last year.
Every year such sports competitions as “The leather ball”, The Star”, “Nation’s
cross”, “Summer lighting”, “The Eaglet” and others are held in Kaluga.
At our school there is also a sport one.
Last year they won the first place in those sports competitions, but this year they
were only the second.
During the competition we always help each other to win and everybody knows
that his classmates will never let him down, because they always remember
English proverb “In sports and journeys men are known”.
Boys and girls! Teachers and our guests!
We advise you to go in for sports. Sport helps you to keep in good health. If
you like sports, you have good health and don’t catch cold.
And now meet Olga!
Olga: Ecology is one of the greatest problems of our life. Preservation of nature
has become a serious issue by the end of the 20
century. The word “Ecology”
came from the Greek “oikos which means “home”. This idea of home includes
the whole planet with its population, nature, animals and all other creatures.
An English poet said, “One couldn’t pluck a flower without troubling a star”.
Do you know how long litter lasts?
- traffic tickets 1 month
- banana peel 6 months
- a wool sock 1 year
- a tin can 100 years
- a plastic bottle 500 years
- glass forever
Mary: Follow the wise advice If you don’t think about future you will not have
Olga: Let’s save our planet for future generations!
Mary: So you see everybody wants to be healthy. We tried to do our best to help
you a little. In addition I’d like to say “Don’t worry, be healthy!” Our last gift for