Конспект урока "WE ARE GREATLY CONCERNED ABOUT" 8 класс

МОУ лицей № 66
Рощупкина Людмила Ивановна
английский язык
Класс 8
Профиль экономический
Программно-методическое обеспечение УМК “ Enjoy English-8
М.З. Биболетова
Цель : Совершенствование речевых навыков
Сопутствующая задача : Совершенствование навыков аудирования, чтения.
Развивающий аспект : развитие логического мышления, умения излагать
свою точку зрения по обсуждаемой проблеме.
Воспитательный аспект : прививать любовь к природе, воспитывать чувство
ответственности за состояние окружающей среды.
Речевой материал:cтихотворение “ Swift Things Are Beautiful” (Elisabeth
Coatsworth ), лексические единицы для рецептивного усвоения: swallow, curve,
swift, chlorine , аудиозапись звуков природы.
Оснащение урока: магнитофон, телевизор, видеозапись, раздаточный
I. Оргмомент. Greeting
II. Речевая подготовка
Включается звукозапись (звуки леса, птиц, льющейся воды ) с целью введения
в тему.
T: Do you hear? Nature itself is speaking with us. Now close your eyes and try to
imagine some pictures of nature in your mind. ( 1 min )
-So , what did you imagine?
( предполагаемые ответы учащихся )
P1: I drew some pictures of the running, cold mountain river in my mind .
Р2: I imagined the brightest blue of the sky.
P3: As for me I tried to imagine the thick green of thick forests.
P4: I imagined peace and quiet of the countryside….
( на доске прикреплён макет нашей планеты. Во время ответов детей
прикрепляются символические горы, деревья, леса, реки , цветы )
T : So, for many of you nature is associated with rivers, mountains, forests and
beautiful landscapes.
III. Аудирование. Чтение.
T: And what does the author of the poem feel about nature? What does he see in the
surrounding world?
Доска. Снятие лексических трудностей
Swallow [ swolou] ласточка
Сurve [kз:v] гнуться
Swift [swift] быстрый
Раздаточный материал ( лист 1 ) Swift Things Are Beautiful
Swift things are beautiful:
Swallows and deer
And lightning that falls
Bright-rained and dear
Rivers and meteors,
Wind in the wheat
The strong withered horse
The runner’s sure feet
And slow things are beautiful
The closing of day,
The pause of the wave,
That curves downward to spray,
The ember that crumbles,
The opening flower
And the ox that moves on
In the quiet of power
Elisabeth Coatsworth
P1: She feels the beauty of the surrounding world.
P2: In my opinion the author feels the beauty of swift and slow things. They are
swallows, rivers and meteors
P3, P4 ….
IV. Просмотр записи видеофильма о состоянии окружающей среды.
T: Would her feelings have changed if she had seen this film?
Доска: Снятие лексических трудностей
Chlorine [klo:ri:n]
P1: I am sure her feelings could change greatly because the film sets up a lot of
environmental problems: they are water pollution, air pollution and the problem of
the greenhouse effect.
P2: I agree with… and the film impressed me greatly. I am even upset , because we
have seen a lot of polluted places and disappeared forests. We have learned much
about environmental problems.
P3: I agree with the author of the film that there is a lot of pollution everywhere: in
the sea, in the ocean, in the city. Our rivers are so polluted that my mother didn’t
allow me to bathe in it. As for me, I like fishing but in summer I wasn’t lucky enough
to catch any fish in the river. It seems to me that all fish has disappeared.
V(1). Говорение.
( открываю обратную сторону доски, где помещён макет перевязанной
планеты с надписью по кругу We are greatly concerned about it because…)
T: How will you complete this thought with the help of your knowledge of ecology?
( на доске демонстрируются картинки дымящихся фабрик, машин , сточных
вод, изменения климата )
Примерные ответы детей:
P1: We are concerned about air pollution. It is easy for us to see what we are doing
to it. One form of air pollution is acid rains. They are the results from the release
into the atmosphere of sulphur oxide and nitrogen oxide. Electrical plants, industrial
boilers and automobiles are among chief sources of these emissions. These gases
react with water droplets and this mixture returns to the earth in the form of acid
rains, mist and snow. They have acidified lakes and streams making them unable to
support fish. Wildlife, plants or insects.
P2: I ‘d like to add that smoking chimneys and car exhaust pipes throw tons of
harmful substances into the air. The air in big cities is very polluted. The
concentration of harmful substances there can be great. Smoking industrial
enterprises the by products of their activity pollutes the atmosphere with about 1000
million tons of dust. For example, the metallurgical enterprise of our city throws
nearly 350 thousand tons of substances. The main sources of air pollution are
Lipetsk, Dankov and Elets. A lot of cities suffer from smog. Doctors say that only
2-3 per cent of healthy babies are born in our city. A lot of citizens suffer from
pneumonia, tonsillitis, bronchits and allergy and it’s terrible
P3: I quite agree, but water pollution is also a serious problem. Toxic chemicals are
poured into rivers and lakes with ordinary garbage. For a long time people didn’t
realize the danger. The first alarm came from Japan. 60 people died because they
had eaten polluted fish and since 1970 it has not been possible to eat fish from many
Swedish countries.
The Baltic sea is a special case, because it is such a small sea and it becomes dirty
very easy. It’s
Water changes very slowly through the shallow strait. As many as 20 rivers run into
the Baltic. There are 100 of factories on these rivers and millions of people live along
them. 7 industrial countries surround the Baltic sea. Quite a lot of big cities lie on its
coast. All of this combined with the active navigation of the sea affects the state of
the sea water and the shore line flora and fauna. Once we have polluted the sea it is
very difficult to clean it.
V ( 2 ). T: I quite agree with you, and now pay attention to another picture and say:
Why else it is so dangerous for everything alive.
Картинка с подписью A Lot of Little Litters Make Big Problems.
P1,P2,P3…предполагаемые ответы уч-ся
V ( 3 ). Прослушивание
T: Listen and say why this problem is so acute nowadays
Звукозапись . Waste is also of a great danger . It is a part of all our lives and a lot
of consumer things are made on a throw away principle. We don’t think and don’t
know exactly what harm we do by dumping and burning waste, but artificial
materials can take a long time to rot away or they may not rot away at all.
V ( 4 ). Раздаточный материал : карточка № 2
Approximate Decomposition Times in a Landfill
Traffic ticket 1 month
Banana peel up to 6 months
Wool sock 1 year
Wax paper cup 5 years
Painted wooden stake 13 years
Tin cans 100 years
Aluminum cans up to 500 years
Glass containers never
T: Look through these cards and say: how much time these things need to rot away
V ( 5 ). T: We produce a lot of waste every day. At home you had to research how
much waste you produce every week. Let’s make some groups and fill in these cards
Name Produced waste
Paper products Organic waste Plastics Glass
Total weight
После ответов уч-ся заполняется 1 общая карта по схеме
Produced waste Groups Total mass
Paper products
Organic products
T: But what can be done to this waste to keep our planet clean?
Доска: картинки
бутылки reuse
старой одежды reduce ( to avoid buying )
игрушек recycle ( to use old products to make new
книжек can be repaired
can buy less
can make compost for gardens
T: What do you think about the results of undertaken measures?
P1: I am sure these measures can help old people if we give them worn clothes
P2: … can save natural resources, trees and energy
P3: can save money.
P4: keep people healthy
P5: to prevent the pollution
T: And what do people do and must do to protect nature from further pollution?
P1: They plant trees, forests, gardens because they help to control the worlds weather
and to produce much of the oxygen in the air. Children of our school take part in
Bird Day , make bird tables to feed birds
P2: As I know different agreements are signed to prevent the pollution of the seas
and oceans.
The aim of the agreement is to prevent oil pollution, to organize rational fishing
P3: I read the newspaper that a lot of plants took urgent measures to build purefuing
systems to avoid the pollution of rivers
P4: I’d like to add that pollution control systems are introduced almost everywhere
and besides modern technology helps to reduce the amount of waste in the air to trap
harmful substances released into the atmosphere.
VI. Письмо.
T: OK. You also are future engineers, scientists, teachers and ecologists. You will
continue addressing the environmental problems to the future generation, because
the positive results depend on serious attention of the people of the whole world to
this problem. Now think a bit and write the address to the future generation.
( примерные обращения )
-Our planet must be saved and improved !
- Stop any pollution in the world !
- People of the world, act together!
- Save our world!
- Save the Earth before it becomes late!
( reading )
VII. Подведение итогов. Выставление оценок.
VIII. Домашнее задание.
Comment on the following quotation:
“ Civilization is being poisoned by its own waste products”
William Ralph Inge
ЦЕЛЬ : Coвершенствование лексических навыков говорения.
СОПУТСТВУЮЩАЯ ЗАДАЧА : Совершенствование навыков
РАЗВИВАЮЩАЯ ЗАДАЧА : Развитие внимания , логического
ВОСПИТАТЕЛЬНАЯ ЗАДАЧА : Воспитывать отрицательное отношение
к пагубным для человека привычкам : курению, перееданию.
УЧЕБНЫЕ ПОСОБИЯ : звукозапись, картинки, плакат.
1 Оргмомент
2 Речевая подготовка
T: There are a lot of proverbs about good and bad habits. One of them is
Доска : “ Eat to live not live to eat.”
T: How do you understand it ?
P1, P2,P3…People need food to stay alive ( to support our life )
Overeating can lead to different diseases and obesity.
Картинки Mr Slim Mr Stout
Look at the blackboard and say if Mr .Slim and Mr.Stout follow this proverb
P1: I am sure Mr. Stout likes to eat because he is too fat.
P2: I’d like to add he eats too much fat, sweets, sugar, ham and meat.
P3: He overeats and that’s why he has a lot of health problems. He doesn’t look
healthy at all.
P4: He doesn’t eat fruit and vegetables and his diet isn’t balanced and obesity
can lead to heart diseases and promote physical inactivity.
Cards: There ia some good advice we have to follow to be healthy and fit:
-Eat less sugar and sweets
-Eat more vegetables and fresh fruit
-Eat less fat food
-Don’t eat a lot between meals
-Walk much
T -P1,P2,P3: What will you advise him to keep health?
-Why do you advise him to eat less sugar?
-Why do you think that vegetables and fruits are useful for him?
-Why do you consider that fat is so harmful?
Картинки с изображением еды
T: So, Foods of which group should be used in small quantities?
1. 2
potatoes apples
fat meat carrot
ham green vegetables
cereal salad
cookies oranges
4 Проверка домашнего задания
T: And what are your health habits?
P1,P2,P3 ( ответы уч-ся )
T: So, you try to take care of your health, don’t you?
- But what else can influence our health?
- ( taking drugs, alcohol, smoking )
Aудирование ( звукозапись № 5 )
T: Three teenagers Helen, Bob and Kate are talking about their attitude towards
Listen to their stories and match the pictures with the stories.
Helen: I am not going to be a supermodel. But I think it is very important to be
fit and healthy and look nice. Some firms don’t employ people who are
overweight or who are smokers. I agree with that because smoking affects other
people’s lives too. I pay a lot of attention to my health. I try to eat only low fat
food, more fruit and vegetables which are rich in vitamins and less sweets. I don’t
smoke. I don’t want to have unhealthy skin and teeth. Besides I have been doing
aerobics for a year. I feel great. And all my friends think I am great.
Bob: I have no problems with my health though I am a smoker and a bit
overweight. I like
smoking. It helps me to relax. I have been smoking since I was 12. All my friends
are smokers. I don’t want to be the odd one out. I know all the facts, but you only
live once, don’t you? So, why not to enjoy yourself? As for dieting I think it is
very dangerous. You are what you are. It is impossible to change. Besides I like
chocolate bars, ice-cream and sweets. Why should I give up such tasty things?
Eat only cucumbers? Never! Of course I have some problems with my skin and
hair but I don’t want to change.
Kate: I think people should choose for themselves if they want to be healthy: it’s
their life, it’s their bodies. They are free to decide. It’s not very good to think too
much about your health. I don’t pay much attention to my friend’s health habits.
My friend Willy likes sweets, he is pleasantly fat and I like him, he is very clever.
He is good at the computer. And Denis is very sporty. He has been exercising all
his life. He isn’t as clever as Willie but he is nice. I like to have different people
with different likes and dislikes as my friends
2 Listen to it once more and say if they take care of their health
3 Answer the following questions: 1. Why does Helen look great?
2. What does she think about her future?
3. What does Bob look like?
4. What health sins does he got ?
5. How does he justify himself?
6. What is he afraid of ?
7. What does Kate like in her friends ?
8. What do you like and dislike in these teens
4 ex. 2 p. 113 Which of these teenagers might have problems with their health ?
Why ?
T: Smoking is one of modern sins people invented to get some diseases. What
is the danger of smoking ?
Influences other people’s skin dry and unhealthy yellow teeth
slow reaction SMOKING PROMOTES ( MAKES ) cough
brain centres sleep hair smells unpleasantly
because of smog headache
T: Smoking has become a harmful social habit. Now more and more people begin
to smoke. This is what students of a college think of it. Will you agree with them
Olga: In some ways all this criticism of smoking makes me want to smoke. You
see stolen fruit is always the most desirable.
Galina: I think smoking is a nice habit if you don’t smoke more than a few
cigarettes a day. It creates the atmosphere of comradeship.
Nataly: But a few cigarettes can lead to more. Don’t forget that smoking is
T: What can be done for smoking ?
Доска to sack from school for …
to take money for…
to put into prison for…
to ban
to ban TV and radio ADS
to publish
PROJECT T: So, we are responsible for our health and for health of our friends,
classmates and relatives. Make up a booklet on the topic “ Smoking and Health”
Домашнее задание : Interview your classmates if they smoke and persuade
them to give up this habit
4 класс
Цель : Oзнакомить детей с английской поэзией , её переводом на русский
язык известным детским писателем С.Я. Маршаком.
Развивающая цель: расширение кругозора учащихся, развитие
артистических способностей учащихся
Воспитательная цель: воспитывать любовь к литературе
Оборудование: рисунки детей по мотивам стихов, плакаты на тему:
Творчество С.Я .Маршака”, макеты фигурок персонажей к стихотворению
Дом, который построил Джек, костюм Робина-Бобина.
Mother Goose: Hi! Do you know me ? My name is Mother Goose! You don’t
know English really well if you don’t know Mother Goose.
The 1
pupil: Who is Mother Goose? What is she? She is a merry old lady who
recites jolly rhymes and sings songs . Every child in Great Britain, Canada,
United states and Scotland knows her rhymes and songs.
The 2
pupil: Who was that old lady with an old name? Did she really live?
Where did she come from? When did she live? Where did she live? Nobody
knows but everyone knows and loves her rhymes and songs.
The 1
pupil: Mother Goose appeared about 200 hundred years ago. And many
poets translated these poems and songs into Russian colorfully illustrated
collections have been published in Moscow and translations have been made by
S .Y. Marshak.
The 2
pupil: S . Marshak went to England when he was young. He met
different people there, spoke to them with great pleasure because he wanted to
know the folk speech better. He was delighted with English poems and songs for
The 1
pupil : He worked hard at each word and that’s why the lines of his
poems are so wonderful and light.
Стихотворение Robin-the-Bobin
Robin the- Bobin, the big bellied Ben
He ate more meat than forescope men
He ate a cow, he ate a calf
He ate a bucher and a half
He ate a church, he ate a steeple
He ate a priest and all people
An ox and a half
A church and a steeple
And all good people
And yet he complained that his stomach is not full
Кое-как подкрепился натощак:
Съел телёнка утром рано
Двух овечек и барана
Съел корову целиком
И прилавок с мясником
Сотню жаворонков в тесте
И коня с телегой вместе
6 церквей и колоколен
Да ещё и недоволен.
The 2
pupil: Did you like the poem? Is it wonderful? But all the children and
grown-ups like another poem very much. It is Three Little Kittens
На сцену выбегают котята в ярких костюмах и говорят вместе: mew,
mew,mew. We are 3 little kittens
Mother Cat: I am a big cat. This is a pie. This pie is for my little kittens. I have
3 little kittens: a grey kitten, a white kitten and a black kitten. Now look at my
kittens. Pussy, come here.
A grey kitten: Good afternoon, children! I am a grey kitten. My name is Pussy..
They are red (показ) Now look at my sister Murka.
A black kitten: I am a black kitten. My name is Murka. I have two mittens. They
are green.( показ ). Now look at my brother Moorzik.
A White kitten: Hi! I am a white kitten. My name is Moorzik. I have two mittens.
They are blue.
The author: Three little kittens,
They lost their mittens
And they began to cry.
Kittens: Oh, mother, dear
We greatly fear
Our mittens we have lost
Mother: Lost your mittens
You naughty kittens
Then you have no pie
The author: Three little kittens
They found their mittens
And they began to cry
Kittens: Oh, mummy, dear
See here , see here
Our mittens we have found
Mother: Found your mittens you clever kittens
Then you’ll have some pie
Purr, purr, purr
Oh, let us have some pie
The author : Потеряли котятки по дороге перчатки
И в слезах прибежали домой
Мама, мама прости
Мы не можем найти
Мы не можем найти перчатки
Mother : Потеряли перчатки?
Вот дурные котятки!
Я вам нынче не дам пирога
Мяу-мяу не дам ( 2 раза )
Я вам нынче не дам пирога
The author : Побежали котятки, отыскали перчатки
И смеясь , прибежали домой;
Kittens : Мама, мама, не злись
Потому что нашлись ( 2 раза )
Mother : Отыскались перчатки?
Вот спасибо , котятки!
Я за это вам дам пирога.
Мур-мур-мур, пирога (2 раза )
Я за это вам дам пирога.
The 1
pupil : But it is impossible to translate the poems word for word. Some
poems have differences in their translations. Let’s listen to the poem The House
That Jack Built” and find some differences
( Уч-ся декламируют стихотворение на русском и английском языках и
обыгрывают с помощью картинок на разных сторонах доски )
The 2
pupil : S.Y. Marshak liked to translate the riddles for small children.
Listen to one of such riddles and try to guess what it is.
Little Nancy Etticoat
With a white petticoat
And a red nose
She has no feet or hands
The longer she stands
The shorter she grows
Тонкая девчонка
Белая юбчонка
Красный нос
Чем длиннее ноги,
Тем она короче
От горючих слёз ( свеча )
The 1
pupil : Some poems are devoted to English people.
Cobble ,cobble mend my shoe
Get it done by half past two
Half past two is much too late
Get it done by half past eight
Эй, кузнец, молодец
Захромал мой жеребец
Ты подкуй его опять
Отчего не подковать?
Вот гвоздь, вот подкова
Раз, два и готово.
Come, butter, come
Come, butter,come
Peter stands at the gate
Waiting for a butter cake
Come, butter, come
Сбейся, масло, поскорей
Ждут ребята у дверей
Каждому нужен
Сдобный хлеб на ужин
Сбейся, сбейся поскорей
Сбейся, масло ,поскорей
The 2
pupil: Some poems for children are rather funny and are full of wonders
and nonsense.
Hey, diddle, diddle
The cat and the fiddle
The cow jumped over the moon
The little dog laughed
To see such sport
And the dish ran away with the spoon.
Играет кот на скрипке
На блюде пляшут рыбки
Корова взобралась на небеса
Сбежали чайники, блюдца
А ложки смеются
Вот , говорят, какие чудеса
A Crooked Man
There was a crooked man
And he walked a crooked mile,
He found a crooked sixpens,
Against a crooked smile
He brought a crooked cat
Which caught a crooked mouse
And they all lived together
In a little crooked house.
Жил-был кривой человек на мосту
Прошёл он однажды кривую версту
И вдруг на пути, меж камней мостовой
Нашёл потускневший полтинник кривой
Купил на полтинник кривую он кошку
А кошка кривую нашла ему мышку
И так зажили втроём понемножку
Покуда не рухнул кривой их домишко.