Презентация "Telephoning each other: advantages and disadvantages" 7 класс скачать бесплатно

Презентация "Telephoning each other: advantages and disadvantages" 7 класс

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Date:______ Class work

The theme: “Telephoning each other: advantages and disadvantages.”

The author: Sitnikova E.V. school № 60, Tula

7 B form


  • We should revise the sound [f],
  • remember the key words concerning phone conversation;
  • improve your pronunciation while listening and making short dialogues on the topic,
  • use the words each other/ one another in speech

Read and translate

This is Helen. It’s Martin here.

Can I speak to Wendy, please?

Hang on a moment. I’ll just get him.

Call me back, please!

Listen and answer the questions Ex. 81

Each other or one another?

1)I and you speak with __________.

2) Students help __________in the lessons.

3) They send SMS ______________.

4) Two friends talk to ______ over the phone.

each other

one another

each other

one another

Telephoning each other: ?

It’s good or

-I can relax.

-I can use the Internet.

-I can communicate with friends.

It’s bad

-It is waste of time.

-I have no time to do homework.

-I can’t see the eyes of the speaker.

No mobile phones during classes


  • Ex. 90 p. 27.